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Leslie and friend
Her formal education began in Des Moines, Iowa, continued in Idaho and concluded at the University of Montana.  An informal education has continued on a daily basis in life’s classroom, as News Director at KSRA Radio in Salmon, Idaho, for ten years and now as a reporter for the local Recorder Herald Newspaper.

She was born into the broadcast industry several years past radio’s Golden Age and raised by parents schooled in that media’s original ethics.  From experience and by choice, that philosophy keeps her out of the mainstream ratings business and in a grassroots lifestyle that allows for "country" living.

Her radio career, which began in the Midwest, includes work in both metropolitan and rural areas of the Southwest and Northwest.  Even though time in front of a microphone now amounts to over 40 years — due to an early debut — her true loves are photography, art work, non-news related voice work, her adopted wild mustang horses and her dog and cat critters.  Life on a small acreage overlooking the Salmon River provides the kind of "photo opportunities" she prefers along with the mental and physical challenges that come with the territory, and which cause friends to call her a "true Western woman."  Prints and posters of her work are featured on the Photos & Art Work page of this site.

In the early 1980's Leslie undertook a project producing audio tapes of her mother's children's stories, "The Adventures of Slug and Humphrey."  From a collection of 52 stories, the six episodes captured on tape at that time are the only ones ever recorded by actress/author May-Floyd.  More about the classic series can be seen on this site on the Children's Stories page.

Leslie's work on the book of love letters When Next We Meet commenced in 1996, 53 years after the first letter was written.  She considers the treasured World War II letters left behind by her parents, Gene and May-Floyd, a gift of love to be shared and a much needed reminder of the incredible spirit that carried this country through and beyond those times.

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