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Reconfirming yearly leases was part of the January 20th Salmon City Council meeting.

Renewal of the Golf Associationís one dollar per year lease was officially approved. It is basically the same lease that has been in effect since 1985.

The Senior Citizen Center rental agreement is up for review and was discussed. The seniors are now voluntarily paying $100 a month even though the agreement with the city calls for only $1 a year. Council members encouraged the organization to use the money elsewhere since the city considers the low rent agreement a contribution.

The rental agreement and building maintenance agreement with the seniors will be given an annual review by the Finance Committee at its February 17 meeting

The council granted permission for a Fatherís Day Car Show parade to take place on Main Street the evening of Saturday, June 19. The parade of classic cars will begin at 5PM. City Chief of Police Jim Spain said he will work to provide the organizers with whatever they need.

A clarification on a legal description contained in Ordinance 09-745 was passed. It is the ordinance related to annexation of the Sacajawea Center and other properties along Highway 28. The clarification involves a legal description of the highway.

Deputy Clerk Mary Benton explained that there was no need for a new ordinance, just approval of the amended language. Since the ordinance has been changed it does have to be re-filed with the County Clerk and follow regular passage procedures. The council read and passed the ordinance by title then waived the second and third readings.

Clean-up issues on two properties were brought before the council.

A clean-up Order to Abate was sent in November concerning a rental property owned by Vergil Olson. Olson explained to the council he was out of town when the notice was sent but that clean up work on the property was set to begin immediately and is expected to be completed by February 1st

City Code Compliance Officer Dan Maiyo has been in communication with William Guyaz concerning the condition of his property. Maiyo said Guyaz has submitted a written clean-up plan and that the intention is to have everything done including structure removal by the end of this summer. Maiyo said the DEQ has confirmed the absence of any hazardous materials on the property. The council voted to leave Maiyo in charge of monitoring the situation and gave Guyaz a completion deadline of September 1st .

Bar Hill resident Brooks Montgomery attended the meeting on behalf of his dog and other Bar Hill dog owners. During a Public Comment opportunity he mentioned the conflicting reports pertaining to recent dog poisonings and said people are afraid to let their dogs into their own backyards. He asked city officials to make a consolidated effort to inform the public as to what is going on. Mayor Miller said Chief Spain will be bringing the city staff up to date so correct information can be relayed to callers. Miller also said autopsies are being done to determine exactly what caused the dog deaths however as of that day, January 20th, no results had been received.

Another public comment came from Robert Dunlop who thanked the Public Works and Safety Committee and the Finance Committee for all the help each has given him. He also said he was glad to see the city examining more than one sewer system option.

The City Council meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.
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