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A request to discontinue city water and sewer services plus two other special requests were heard by the Salmon City Council at its May 5th meeting.

The sewer and water disconnect was for an empty lot at 600 Confederate Drive owned by Bernard Meza. The request was granted on the condition that the property owner digs up and caps the sewer line.

A letter of request from the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce asked city permission to attach some hanging baskets of flowers to the ten green light poles along Main Street. The baskets have been donated to the Chamber by Steve Demick of SD’s Green Thumb Nursery. Before attaching the baskets the Chamber will ask all the businesses near the poles if they would agree to water the plants so that the Main Street beautification effort will be a success. The Chamber will be in charge of both the hanging of the baskets and their removal in the Fall. The idea is to make the decorative baskets of greenery a yearly tradition. The council unanimously approved the plan.

Jodi Sommers asked the council to waive Salmon Valley Center meeting room fees for a “Price of Freedom” presentation she plans to make on June 26th. She said it is a free to the public event which will hopefully show local veterans of the armed services the community’s appreciation. Mayor John Miller explained the city policy of no fee waivers except to organizations which are in an official partnership with the city. He then said that since he himself is a veteran he will pay the room fees, for which Sommers was very grateful.

Parks and Recreation Committee chairman Leo Marshall reported on the committee’s April 28 meeting and said the new specially inscribed stone crafted by Roger Grenier was one of the topics discussed. The stone is located at the entrance to City Park and will provide directions to everything located within park. Marshall quoted City Recreation Director Judy Barkley as saying the donated stone work plus city tooling costs is valued at around $2,500 which could possibly be used as a grant match.

At the request of Max Lohmeyer the committee explored possible locations for a Pump Track. A Pump Track is a uniquely designed bicycle track which actually requires a relatively small amount of ground. It is comprised of endless rolling loops and berms and when ridden, the rider never uses the bike’s peddles. Speed is built up and maintained by way of using the track’s terrain contours to build momentum and properly timed fore and aft upper body movement. Mastering the transitions and rollers enhances the rider’s skills.

Lohmeyer told the committee Blaine County has a Pump Track as well as the towns of Eagle and Victor. Possible local sites mentioned included Discovery Hill, the VFW parking lot, Sacajawea Center, the vicinity of the Hockey Rink, the lot east of the Brooklyn Annex, a vacant lot owned by the city or near the river just south of the Idaho Adventures River Trips building. It was suggested that anyone travelling to Victor, Eagle or Blaine County take time to visit a Pump Track.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee meetings are open to the public. The next meeting will be May 26th at 11:30 AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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