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A motion to place the Sacajawea Center in the cityís General Fund was passed at the May 5th Salmon City Council meeting when Mayor John Miller cast a tie-breaking vote in favor. The vote followed a long discussion which began due to future staffing and funding questions asked by Councilman Ken Gutzman. A work session to thoroughly discuss the subject of whether or not to include the Sacajawea Center in the Parks Department had been held a couple of weeks ago. . The Parks Department idea was ruled out and the May 5th meeting was chosen as the time to make the official decision. The bookkeeping change to the General Fund will take effect on October 1st.

Another suggestion was to dissolve the Sacajawea Center Committee as such and combine it with the Parks and Recreation Committee. The idea was officially rejected during the councilís Wednesday night meeting and the separate committees shall continue as originally appointed.

The second reading of Ordinance 10-754 was approved on a unanimous vote and the third reading was waived. The ordinance deals with an amendment regarding placement of markers at the Salmon Cemetery and the number of markers allowed per grave. The amendment takes effect immediately.

In response to a request from the Lemhi County Economic Development Association the council officially agreed to split the cost of maintenance on the fire suppression system at the Salmon Valley Business and Innovation Center. The yearly expenditure will be around $250.

The Department of Environmental Quality requires that a test for leakage be performed on sewage system lagoons every five years. The Salmon City Council awarded the testing work to Strata Corporation of Boise. The firm submitted a bid of $6,900. City Administrator George Ambrose said that results of the tests will be made available to any companies bidding on lagoon sludge removal. As part of the contract, when the sludge is removed the company will retest the lagoons for leakage.

The council officially gave Administrator Ambrose permission to pursue issuance of Requests For Proposals on installation of bottom bubblers for the cityís lagoons and for construction of a floating monitoring platform plus testing apparatus. The platform would facilitate turbidity testing at various locations throughout the lagoon system. The council felt the $50,000 investment will be worthwhile no matter what eventual steps have to be taken to bring the system into compliance.

After hearing a report from City Code Compliance Officer Dan Maiyo the council approved the first reading of an amendment to the current sign code and to waive the second and third readings. The amendment allows off street businesses to display sandwich board signs on Main Street sidewalks with the permission of the Main Street place of business where the signs are displayed.

The City of Salmon owns a piece of property consisting of three building lots on Idaho Avenue. By unanimous vote the council officially gave its permission to proceed with the process of offering the land for sale.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will take place at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room on May 19th.

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