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A street sweeper-vacuum will be delivered to Salmon the week of July 12th thanks to a Salmon City Council vote of approval. The machine is being purchased from MetroQuip Inc. of Meridian, Idaho for $74,500 and according to the Public Works department the sweeper is in excellent condition. A new combination street sweeper-vacuum unit sells for $195,000.

It was explained at the council’s July 7th meeting that the purchase is being handled ‘in-house’ with no outside debt incurred by the city. The city’s Public Works Department will be borrowing the money from the city’s General Fund at a minimal interest rate and the loan will be fully repaid in two years.

During the council’s Roundtable Discussion Mayor John Miller quoted a letter the city received from the Idaho British Car Club thanking the city for making the club so welcome during its visit to Salmon. The letter stated, “We had a great time. Many members want to come back on their own to vacation. We were really treated like royalty and everybody seemed so happy to see us.” City Recreation Director Judy Barkley was highly praised for her coordination of arrangements the club needed and there were compliments for the Sacajawea Center as well as the Farmer’s Market.

Council President Leo Marshall suggested that the lane demarcation line of reflectors on Courthouse Drive be moved to the north to allow enough room for downhill traffic to clear vehicles parked on the south side of the street. The clearance problem has to do with when a large number of people are attending services at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer and vehicles are parked straight in to the curb instead of at an angle.

It was decided that Department of Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck will meet with members of the church Vestry and the city Public Works and Safety Committee will discuss possible solutions for better traffic flow in that area.

Marshall then mentioned the deterioration of the brick stamped concrete sidewalk portions along Main Street. The possible cause is salt used by merchants in front of their places of business during icy conditions. Application of a concrete sealant was suggested.

Councilman Ron Radford once again thanked Bob Wiederrick and Bob Daniels for the poster board at the corner of Courthouse Drive and Fulton Street. He also thanked the other volunteer builders and the citizens who are making an effort to keep the area clean. The board was built to provide some place to post notices other than the power pole. It was decided a trash barrel will be added to the site as a convenience to people disposing of old notices. Radford also complimented the flower baskets hanging in front of Main Street businesses. He thanked business owners for their watering duties and Steve Demick of SD’s Green Thumb Nursery for providing the baskets.

Radford thanked the City Police and City Crews for helping to make Salmon River Days a great success and he welcomed a recently opened restaurant to the Salmon business community.

Councilman Ken Gutzman recommended that City Attorney John McKinney compose an informational letter for the Recorder Herald outlining to residents who is responsible for providing law enforcement in municipalities and the related law enforcement obligations of the mayor. McKinney added that the letter could also squelch rumors that the city fathers intend to do away with city law enforcement.

Gutzman’s next topic involved his attempts to schedule a work session with the County Commissioners. He suggested the council hold its own work session to determine what the city will do regarding maintenance costs of the cemetery, swimming pool and law enforcement issues

Councilman Jim Baker reported on a citizen complaint he has received concerning a growing number of trailers and shop sheds on Mark Troy’s property including a trailer without any kind of foundation. Baker referred to another instance where building codes concerning a required foundation for a trailer were adamantly enforced. The Public Works and Safety Committee will be looking into the matter.

Councilman Jim Kluesner congratulated the success of the recent Farmer’s Market however he pointed to a need for street barricades to be removed immediately following a street closure event. He suggested those in charge of an event be asked to make sure street barriers removed in a timely manner.

City Deputy Clerk Mary Benton passed along a resident’s request to remove a utilities charge from a second house on his property since it can’t be used as a rental. The Public Works Committee will review the request.

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