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The Salmon City Council has officially approved a logo designed for the Local Option Tax program. LOT Board Chairman Jim Bockelman told the council when he first introduced the design that the idea is to display placards featuring the logo at events and other projects funded by the Local Option Tax so the public can see how monies are being spent. Official logo approval came at the July 21st council meeting.

In other business before the council a disconnect of sewer services request was approved for a property on Jefferson Street. The request was endorsed by Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck who informed the city there is no building located on the property and in fact a sewer connection could not be located. The council approved an official discontinuance of sewer service fees.

A request to reduce the size of a two inch meter on Shanafelt Street to three quarters of an inch was denied. The decision was based on the prohibitive cost factor of having to install three quarter inch meters on each of the five houses affected as well as replace all existing lines.

After hearing a report on the aging City Hall copy machine and cost factors of obtaining a new one the council approved the purchase. Finance Director Amy Fealko outlined ‘green’ features of the preferred machine including its ability to delete junk faxes before they are printed and to send other faxes by email to proper departments. A cost analysis shows the machine will save around $295 per year even though the monthly rental fee is above what is currently paid. The amount saved on toner, printer cartridges and paper will help offset the new machine’s higher costs. In addition the machine will be able to track numbers of copies used by whom which will help with billing the organizations that use it. The purchase was approved contingent on City Attorney John McKinney’s review of the contract.

Funding for bark beetle prevention was discussed. There is no line item for such a purchase in the City Parks budget and it is felt prevention measures are needed to save trees at the Sacajawea Center, the Golf Course, City Park, the Cemetery and on Island Park. Research has shown tree spray costs $40 a gallon and that 48 Interferon pouches to hang on trees are available at $500. It takes two pouches per tree to ward off the beetles. More research will be conducted into costs. In the meantime some money has been provided from the mayor’s executive account.

Scott Elliot has appealed a decision made by City Code Compliance Officer Dan Maiyo concerning a shed Elliot has been building. Maiyo’s decision was based on codes related to expansion of a non-conforming use. The term ‘expansion’ relates to the rebuild time frame not being met. The shed is being built on the foundation of a previously existing shed however it is not a ‘grandfathered’ use since construction was not started within the 12 month period after the old shed collapsed. In addition the foundation’s location does not meet set-back requirements.

Maiyo also said that Elliot never obtained a proper building permit.

Elliot stated he has a low income and that it has taken him five years to scavenge the materials to build the shed. City Attorney John McKinney defined the term non-conforming use and explained to him that it is an issue of conforming with city building codes.

The council decided to delay action on the appeal for one month in order to hear from the property’s owner Ron Austin and for Maiyo to explore other possible solutions.

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