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City Finance Director Amy Fealko gave the City Council a summary of topics discussed that day at the September 15th meeting of the city’s Finance Committee.

One month is left of the city’s fiscal year. She said that as of August the General Fund and Cemetery Fund look very healthy and that the Streets and Alleys fund is short on projected revenues but still has a positive fund balance. Fealko said an additional $50,000 of tax revenue has been allocated to the Streets and Alleys Fund for the next fiscal year and that will help repay the General Fund for the Street Sweeper.

Fealko said she has transferred $22,000 from the General Fund to the Sacajawea Center however the center will still be from ten to twenty thousand dollars short at the end of this fiscal year. After hearing that news the council decided to start arranging a date for a work session to discuss center operations and finances.

Fealko said the Sewer and Water Funds are in good shape. A sum of around $38,000 has been being taken from each month’s sewer fee collections and placed in a Capitol Expenditure Fund. Those funds are paying for the lagoon bio-solids removal as well as for the lining of pipes in the sewer delivery system.

She said monies from the Water Fund are going towards loan payments on the city’s drinking water facility upgrades as well as to operations.

Fealko also provided council members copies of the city’s new Personnel Policy document. She said that two years ago the city’s insurance provider, the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, advised the city to adopt a new personnel policy to address such issues as holidays, putting a cap on accumulated sick leave and establishment of guidelines regarding sick leave pay-out. The city has opted to offer Family Medical Leave Act benefits. FLMA is a requirement of entities which employ 50 or more people and even though the city only reaches that number on occasion it will adhere to the act’s protection policies.

The pay-out for employees who are over the 720 sick-leave hours will be approximately $28,000. Fealko explained the city’s auditor had advised removal of that liability from the books as soon as possible. The new policy caps the number of accumulated sick leave hours at 720. City Administrator George Ambrose stated many cities that did not have such caps in place on vacation and sick leave time have been bankrupted by career long accumulations of hours claimed at the time of retirement.

City employees who are in excess of the 720 hour cap when the new policy takes effect will be offered a choice of putting 25 percent of the overage into a retirement fund or an Internal Revenue Service Health Reimbursement Account. Fealko said most employees have chosen the retirement fund option. There are added bonuses for not needing any sick leave at all.

The Council unanimously adopted the new Personnel Policy.

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