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The Salmon City Council has decided to wait until next Spring to actively pursue selling the city owned property on Idaho Avenue.

At its November 3rd meeting the council heard from City Planner Dan Maiyo who said no bids were submitted for the advertised sale. The council had set a minimum price of $10,000 for the property. Maiyo outlined a few options including not trying to sell the property in view of current economic conditions or listing it with a realtor. He also said the council could set a new price on the land and repeat the process that was just completed.

City Attorney John McKinney said the council is not required to do anything with the property at this time and he suggested waiting until the economic climate is better. The council voted to delay its decision on which option to follow until next Spring.

The council passed the third reading of the city’s Cemetery Fee Ordinance. All cemetery related fees were raised and non-city residents will now pay more than in-city residents for Cemetery services.

The council unanimously approved waiving the $500 conditional use permit fee for Bill Schlenk. He will still be required to pay for publication and mail-out costs involved in the permitting process which requires two public hearings. Later in the meeting Schlenk thanked the council for the waiver and said he would like to hold off paying the other costs until all out-of-compliance carport owners are contacted and brought into the process. Attorney McKinney informed Schlenk that the process on his permit will not move forward until the costs are paid.

The first of three required readings on ordinance 10-769 was passed. The ordinance pertains to a Planning and Zoning Record of Decision recommendation on an annexation request by John Jakovac. Speaking as City P&Z Administrator, Dan Maiyo explained circumstances surrounding the request to annex one half acre of land on Melanie Drive. He said that since Jakovac purchased the land and began building on it he has discovered what he purchased was actually the lot below where the house is being built. City water and sewer lines are connected to the lower lot, which is in the city limits. No services are connected to the upper lot on which the house sits and that lot is not currently within the city limits. Maiyo said Jakovac has purchased the upper lot and wants to combine the two lots into one. The existing water and sewer connection would be counted as one hook-up.

The council will be discussing the situation further as is allowed in the three reading process. It then went on to pass the first reading of Ordinance 10-770 which designates the zoning of the proposed annexation.

Jakovac will pay costs related to updating the city’s boundary map.

Councilman Jim Baker reported on his research into what other cities are doing to control in-town deer populations. He said the city of Helena works with Montana’s Fish and Game Department to annually trap and euthanize a given number of deer. The meat is then professionally processed and given to food programs. He said the action was taken after a rutting season which recorded one buck deer threatening a child and another buck aggressively going after a dog. No injuries were sustained in either case however it was enough to initiate Helena’s harvest polices for in-town deer.

Past Salmon City Council efforts on the subject were recounted along with the failure to find any resolutions other than the city asking residents not to feed the animals.

Baker will continue his research into how other communities are dealing with their resident-deer problems.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be November 17th at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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