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Business before the Salmon City Council at its November 17th meeting included action on three requests to disconnect city water and sewer services. The locations of the disconnects were at a vacant lot on 9th Street, an unoccupied building on Shoup Street and a vacant property on Roosevelt Street. Each request had been reviewed by Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck. The council followed his recommendation to approve the service disconnects.

Second readings on two ordinances were passed. Both have to do with property owned by John Jakovac. Ordinance 10-769 annexes into the city a lot on which he is building a home so that city utilities may be extended to it from an adjacent lot he owns that is in the city. Ordinance 10-770 designates a low density residential zoning for the annexed piece of property.

Tammy Stringham of the Lemhi County Economic Development Association (LCEDA) reported that she anticipates spending 60 percent of her time on business expansion and retention. She is visiting local businesses and is being told they would like to hear more from the city and the County Commissioners. Stringham invited council members to accompany her on some visits. She also said LCEDA is working closely with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and will be assisting local contractors in obtaining bids related to a stewardship contract the foundation has entered into with the Forest Service.

An on-going focus for LCEDA is tourism. Stringham is working towards bringing together everyone involved with the tourism industry so efforts can be combined to more effectively leverage opportunities and dollars.

In conclusion she said the Salmon Valley Business and Innovation Center only has one space available. All other spaces are filled and the center is operating in the black

Topics discussed during the councilís Roundtable included a report from Urban Renewal council representative Jim Baker. He said the Salmon River Development Agency (SRDA) is anticipating completion of the environmental clean-up under property across Main Street from City Hall by the end of June 2011. He said the agency has had a purchase inquiry about the property. Baker said negotiations, as well as the complicated requirements involved in selling an SRDA property, are underway.

Council President Leo Marshall wondered why there are no signs at the Courthouse Drive - Highway 93 intersection to indicate the location of Highway 28 or a continuation of Highway 93. He went on to encourage offering care of the Welcome to Salmon sign displayed at that intersection as a project for some local service group so the sign area can get the attention it needs. Marshall also asked if there should be a convenience button for handicapped visitors at the lower back door of the Salmon Valley Center and he commented on some weeds growing in cracks on Main Street and in front of City Hall.

Councilman Ken Gutzman presented members of the council with copies of Idaho Statutes regarding Local Option Tax committees and recommended they be studied.

In a Census 2010 report from City Clerk Mary Benton the council was informed that city residents participated in the census at the rate of 78 percent which surpassed state and county levels. Idahoís overall participation rate was 76 percent while Lemhi County scored 65 percent.

Benton also said the janitorial contract for the city has been amended downward from five days a week to three days a week. The cost of services was reduced from $825 to $675. The council approved the new contract.

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