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City Recreation Director Judy Barkley has officially been named as Director of the Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural and Education Center.

Barkley was appointed as interim director of the center last July by the Salmon City Council. Her appointment was for a 90 day period which ended September 30.

At the December 15th meeting of the council it was pointed out that the ‘interim’ had gone way past the original 90 days and Mayor Leo Marshall proposed Barkley be named as Center Director.

Councilman Ken Gutzman stated he would first like to see a job description of all her duties to determine if she could handle the added job. Marshall pointed out she has been fulfilling the role of director as well as her other duties for some time.

The council vote to name her Sacajawea Center Director was counted as Gutzman opposed and four in favor.

In other business it was decided that a letter of thanks will be sent to State Representative Lenore Hardy Barrett for using her influence in the city’s behalf and helping to bring speedy response from the Idaho Department of Transportation. The state project of resurfacing the Main Street Bridge over the Salmon River began last summer. Construction was halted by winter weather and left with no safety railing to protect pedestrians and vehicle jolting gaps on each end of the bridge where there were no paved transitions between street level and the raised bridge bed. The sharp gap between the road and bridge surface had drawn many complaints from motorists. Phone calls to the state from City Administrator George Ambrose and Marshall, topped off by a call from Representative Barrett resulted in crews arriving in Salmon the second week of December to smooth the ingress-egress transitions. They also promised to install barriers to prevent people from walking along the bridge sidewalk where there is no protective railing. Barrett had personally seen the unfinished condition of the state’s bridge project and said she was happy to make the phone calls.

Councilman Gutzman commented that if the city is asking people to use the Pedestrian Bridge across the Salmon River the Pedestrian Bridge should be equipped with lighting. He said the bridge lighting project is included in the city budget. Ambrose said he will make preparations for a bidding process on the job.

A request for increasing the number of unleashed dogs allowed to each dog-walking person on Island Park had been considered by the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee. The committee’s recommendation to the full council was to leave the number at two dogs per person as is stated in the city’s Dog Ordinance. The council agreed to follow the committee’s recommendation and leave the ordinance as is.

A request to change a water meter from a two inch to a three quarter inch was denied. The meter is located at the old IGA building complex and the request was made by Steve Nafus. City Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck had advised the council that the meter is meant to serve up to five different businesses and in his opinion should not be changed. The council followed his recommendation.

Ordinance 10-771 passed its first reading and on the advice of City Planner Dan Maiyo the second and third reading requirement was waived. The ordinance has to do with vacation of an alley between South Warpath Street and South Kay Street and had been through the public hearing process with no opposition to the vacation.

Maiyo also advised that the first reading of Ordinance 10-772 be tabled until an official legal description has been submitted. The vacation pertains to Mike Wallingford’s request to vacate a platted but never developed road between Cleveland Avenue and the Leesburg Road.

Naming new members for the Urban Renewal Board was tabled until all the names submitted could be reviewed and discussed.

Upon a request by the Senior Citizens, Administrator Ambrose researched changes needed to make the lower back door to the Salmon Valley Center handicapped accessible. He reported the cost of the special latch and its installation is estimated at $2500 and that such a project is not included in the present city budget.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be January 5th, 2011 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center Meeting Room.

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