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As succinct as it was the first City Council meeting of the year produced several decisions.

City of Salmon Mayor Leo Marshall announced he has been reviewing the membership of the city’s various committees and has found that some councilmen are multi-tasking. Councilman Jim Kluesner has been serving on four committees. Councilmen Jim Baker and Marshall have each been on three committees; Ken Gutzman and Ron Radford are on two committees a piece. Marshall said he is working on some reassignments. He said by the January 19th City Council meeting there may be a new council member and there will definitely be some new committee assignments.

Marshall also asked the councilmen to bring in their City Code books so recent updates can be added to them.

During a Public Comment period, former council member Susan Schaffner introduced the council to a calendar created by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. The printing features designs for low-water-use yards along with other water saving tips that could help reduce amounts of water used, as well as water bills. She suggested some similar information could be produced for local residents. Schaffner left a copy of the calendar with the council as a publication guide.

A request by Bill Elder to discontinue water and sewer services to a residence at 210 Dahle Avenue was recommended for approval by Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck and therefore approved by the council. It was explained that Elder intends to demolish the house at that address and combine the lots. On the disconnect application Verbeck indicated when the house is demolished the sewer line will be unearthed and capped. At that point the service may be removed.

Sacajawea Center Director Judy Barkley requested a fee for two hours of facility use be created and asked for the removal of another fee currently listed.

She said there is more and more demand for a meeting space time-frame requiring less than half a day, which is the shortest rental rate now available. She said she feels adding a two hour rate would increase the public’s use of the center. To further encourage center use, Barkley also recommended that the $53 fee for the center’s group use outdoor area be abolished. She said she has never seen it used and that the fee is unrealistic based on other city park fees.

A change or addition to any city fee structure has to follow a specific process depending on what type of change is being requested. The council will take the opportunity presented by Barkley’s request to review all present city fees before calling for the appropriate amendment process.

An appointment to the Local Option Tax Commission was postponed due to an appointee’s illness and a discussion on appointments to the urban Renewal Agency Board of Directors was rescheduled to a later date.

The entire Wednesday night City Council meeting lasted approximately 20 minutes. That is not a record for brevity however it was the shortest meeting this council had experienced in a very long time.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will take place on January 19th beginning at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Meeting Room.

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