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At the February 2nd meeting of the Salmon City Council, pedestrian safety on the unfinished Main Street Bridge over the Salmon River was once again a topic of discussion. The bridge reconstruction is a state project that began last summer and was halted by winter weather.

Councilman Jim Kluesner brought up the subject out of concern for youngsters he has seen playing near the unprotected drop-off along the sidewalk edge. He suggested barricades need to be put in place.

Mayor Leo Marshall reviewed city calls to the state and subsequent results such as smoothing the road transitions to and from the bridge and the placements of warning signs. He suggested one of the signs be moved to a pole on the Water Street, Main Street end of the bridge.

City Attorney John McKinney affirmed it is a state project and that any potential liabilities involved would be those of the state and the stateís contractor. Then he advised a letter be written to the Idaho Transportation Department stating the cityís continuing safety concerns. Citizens are asked to please observe the warning signs and use the Pedestrian Bridge for walking until the Main Street Bridge construction has been completed.

Marshall asked about funding previously dedicated to installing lights on the Pedestrian Bridge and was told by Councilman Ken Gutzman the money had to be used to balance the 2011 budget. Gutzman is a member of the city Finance Committee and he said that to prevent having to raise city taxes in 2011, City Finance Director Amy Fealko was under orders not to spend more money than was spent in 2010. He said since the bridge lighting project was a low priority budget item, that money was used elsewhere.

Marshall announced he scheduled himself as a guest on KSRAís February 7th Voice of the Valley program to explain the needs at the city Wastewater Treatment Plant. He encouraged people to attend the cityís February 9th Open House and view an informational presentation by the engineering firm of Keller and Associates.

Marshall has written a letter in support of Architect Don Stampís design for a new school facility which was introduced last year. Marshall said members of the council are welcome to contribute their comments on Stampís proposed design.

A council decision on the Conditional Use Permit requested by Bill Schlenk was rescheduled for the City Councilís next meeting. That meeting will take place in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room on February 16th beginning at 6PM.

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