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The Salmon City Council gave its approval, February 16th, to six funding request recommendations presented by Local Option Tax Commission Chairman Jim Bockelman.

The events that will be receiving funds are; the Salmon Marathon, Salmon River Days, the Whitewater Therapeutic Riding Association, the Salmon Soccer Association, Salmon River Spokes and Chrome and the Salmon Valley Community Swimming Pool.

Bockelman explained each event being funded and gave reasons why each fits into one of the categories for which LOT was created.

The Salmon Marathon is an event that brings around 350 people to town and, according to estimates from local businesses, generates around $30,000 for the business community. The funding request submitted by way of the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce was for $6,000 and is the same amount that was contributed last year by LOT.

The Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce will be given $3200 to help facilitate the July 4th Salmon River Days celebration. The money will make it possible to hire a coordinator to organize the ever growing event. Chamber President Ella Deutchman told the council the Chamber does not have the staff to do everything required in order to maintain the event’s level of success and that it is difficult to find volunteers willing to do the work. In addition, this year the Chamber will be re-assuming charge of the Salmon River Days Parade. She said that last year’s Salmon River Days was one of the most successful in its long history thanks to funds contributed by LOT.

The Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Association (WTRRA) was awarded $2,800 to go towards a four-day instruction workshop and certification clinic for individuals from around the country who are interested in becoming therapeutic riding instructors. WTRRA and Salmon will be featured in national publications, web sites and mailing promotions advertising the event.

The council approved $3,000 to assist the Salmon Soccer Association with its wish list of needed equipment and to make it possible for the organization to continue the services provided to 100 local young people. The association offers youngsters aged four through 12 recreational opportunities, competitive soccer games complete with paid referees and family involvement.

Salmon River Spokes and Chrome was provided with $5,000 in ‘seed money’ for its plan to bring a Tractor Pull event to town as part of its yearly Father’s Day Classic Car Rally. The annual weekend car show brings in many out of town participants and has long been a local family favorite. The Tractor Pull is a self contained traveling enterprise that Bockelman likened to carnival companies connected with county fairs or a self-funded demo derby. He said, “It’s an inclusive group. They come, they bring their tractors and they perform.” Set up and re-grooming the Fair Grounds is all part of the package. Ticket sales at the gate are what cover costs of bringing the Tractor Pull company to town. If profits are realized the club will refund LOT up to the amount provided.

The Salmon Valley Community Swimming Pool will receive $10,000 for ongoing maintenance and safe operations. The pool was the number one item to fund on the LOT referendum ballot and has its own line item in the budget.

Council approval of the LOT recommended funding was given contingent on a double check with Certified Public Accountant Bob Baker to make sure all Local Option Tax accounting procedures are being done correctly.

The next monthly meeting of the LOT Commission will be February 22nd beginning at 5:30PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room. Bockelman reminded those wishing to apply for LOT funds that they should allow up to two months for processing.

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