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City Finance Director Amy Fealko gave the February 16th meeting of the Salmon City Council a report on the latest meeting of the Finance Committee.

She said the committee heard a presentation by Ted Hendricks and Rick Miller of the Development Company on the possibility of obtaining a block grant of up to $500,000 to assist in the city’s wastewater facility upgrade. The Development Company representatives will make the same presentation to the full council on March 2nd.

Fealko said the Finance Committee also discussed a pay raise request made by the city water and sewer system operators. The committee recommended a ten to 12 percent raise request be placed on the March 2nd council meeting agenda. Comparable wage rates from other similar areas in Idaho will be presented at that time.

Concern over money not being available for Pedestrian Bridge lighting was brought up to the committee by former Urban Renewal Board member Wayne Talmadge. He provided letters from past and present officials which confirmed that in 2009 $26,000 was given to the city by Urban Renewal for the purpose of completing the bridge project. The funding did not specify the money was to be used for lighting. Fealko said the city intends to pursue lighting for the Pedestrian Bridge even though funds for that purpose are not in this year’s budget. She said the city still has a credit from the Idaho Transportation Department of almost $6,000 and there is a possibility that money will be refunded pending a final review. If there is in fact a refund it could go towards lighting for the bridge.

In his report on the last meeting of the Public Works Committee Councilman Bud Bartlett said there has been a request that a portion of Cobalt Street be closed. The request brought up several questions which will be researched and then discussed when more information is obtained.

Bartlett said the committee suggested moving the center line of Courthouse Drive, in front of the Courthouse, to the north. It is felt that would make more room for traffic to avoid the diagonally parked vehicles at the Courthouse curb. Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck will explore the possibility and report his findings to the committee.

It was brought to the attention of the committee that there are trees in the road right of way on a portion of Courthouse Drive. The committee will investigate and discuss the topic at its next meeting.

There has been a request to replace a stop sign with a yield sign at Highway 93’s right lane connection to Courthouse Drive. Bartlett said the request will be referred to the Public Safety Committee.

The next meeting of the Finance Committee is February 23rd at 4:45PM. The Public Works Committee will be meeting March 9th at 4:45PM. Both meetings will take place in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room and are open to the public.

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