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At the March 2nd meeting of the Salmon City Council a pay raise was unanimously approved for Waste Water Treatment Superintendent Harry Shanafelt and Water Plant Manager Paul Stokes.

The raise request had been researched by the city’s Finance Committee which found, after checking on wage statistics from other communities this size, that a wage increase was appropriate. The pay raise is the first in ten years for both men. They were granted a $2.48 per hour increase bringing their pay rate to $23.00 per hour. The increase equates to a 12 percent raise. Councilmen Ron Radford and Ken Gutzman are members of the Finance Committee and participated in the rate research. Radford pointed out that Shanafelt and Stokes are crossed-trained in water and sewer system operations which saves the city from having to hire at least one extra employee. Gutzman said there is sufficient cash in each entity’s budget, water and sewer, to cover the pay raise.

During the council’s Roundtable discussion Councilman Fred Waidely said the City Planning and Zoning Commission is looking for people interested in serving on the commission board. By city ordinance the commission is comprised of no fewer than seven or more than nine members. He said it is an important job and the more people interested the better. One of the recent vacancies on the commission occurred when former chairman Waidely was appointed to serve on the City Council. Anyone interested in being considered for appointment to the P&Z Commission may contact Waidely, Mayor Leo Marshall or City Planner Dan Maiyo.

New roofing for the Police Department office and the city swimming pool building has been a topic of discussion by the City Parks and Recreation Committee. Mayor Leo Marshall reported that Doug O’Myer attended the committee’s February 23rd meeting and supplied some estimated roofing costs. The committee explained that when the time comes the city will likely be offering the roofing project through a bidding process. O’Myer was thanked for his initiative in presenting the roofing material cost figures.

Ella Deutchman of the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce asked the committee if it would be possible to park the new flower-watering wagon in the History Park. The wagon was obtained by the Chamber through LOT funding and will be used to water any flowering plants that business owners along Main Street choose to display in front of their stores. Since watering hours will be early and late it is important that the wagon be kept both safe and easily available when needed. Marshall said he will investigate ways to keep the wagon safely secured inside History Park.

A formal Record of Decision-Findings of Fact document on the council’s recent Conditional Use Permit denial was given to the council for review. Once the written version of the Record of Decision is approved by the council the document will be provided to Conditional Use Permit applicant Bill Schlenk. He will then have a set time frame in which to file an appeal if he so chooses.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be March 16th at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room and the public is invited to attend.

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