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An accounting of services and accomplishments by each department of city government during 2010 has been supplied to newly appointed Mayor Leo Marshall.

Salmon City Police Chief K.V. Felker documented a total of 2274 incidents requiring officer assistance during the last six months of 2010.

Felker’s report said the Police Department has been very pro active in narcotics related investigations. During the last half of 2010 the department made 20 felony arrests for distributing and nine felony arrests for possession of a controlled substance. The investigations have produced over $13,000 in cash forfeitures.

Ongoing training programs are a keystone of the department for its personnel as well as for the public. The Police Department has hosted a training on Alcohol Beverage codes and a 233 hour Reserve Academy training. Completion of the reserve training provides a level one certification to Reserve Officers and gives them the same enforcement powers as sworn certified officers. Felker said Reserve Officers are an invaluable resource for local law enforcement.

Felker and Sheriff Lynn Bowerman attended a training provided by the National Center for Rural Law Enforcement’s Rural Executive Management Institute which was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This month the department will host a three day drug interdiction course and continues to be involved in such events as the ABC Awareness Fair as well as various local public safety presentations and state sponsored educational programs on traffic safety.

Last year at this time the City’s Public Works Department was busy laying a 990 foot water line to the city swimming pool and in April completed an 89 foot water line to the Golf Course Club House. From April until early June Public Works completed a 1300 foot main sewer line replacement and 25 sewer re-connections in a portion of alley located between Main and Shoup Streets, which runs from Warpath Street to Beach Street. Last Fall a total length of 946 feet of main sewer line was replaced involving 19 reconnections of sewer services and a 4,500 foot section of the main sewer line was relined.

In between Spring and Fall crews applied seal coating to 17 streets, made six new connections to the sewer system and added seven new water hook-ups. They repaired eight water leaks and repaired 22 water meters. Eight water meters were removed by owner’s request, 20 old stop signs were replaced along with 14 old yield signs. City crews had to spend time removing graffiti from 47 signs and another 47 signs had to be replaced due to graffiti damage.

The schedule for 2011 already includes pothole repair on 23 streets and various types of surface replacement and repair on portions of 13 additional streets.

2010 accomplishments listed by the City Zoning Administrator Dan Maiyo included updates to portions of the Salmon Development Code, completion of updates to the city’s 1992 City Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map, a completed update of the city’s 1987 legal descriptions and development of the first ever official city map. All vacant residential land in the city was inventoried and mapped along with all properties annexed between 1987 and 2009. Traffic counts and vehicular speeds in several areas of the city were documented for the purpose of updates to the 2003 Transportation Master Plan. Traffic counts will continue this year as the city and county work cooperatively on completing a transportation plan for each entity. The city and county will also be working together on updating the Area of City Impact Boundary and county/city area impact agreement.

In 2010 the City Zoning Administrator was also involved in several new developments including approval of a Veterans Administration Clinic, one development related zone change, one annexation, the de-annexation of several properties, one alleyway vacation, one street vacation plus various instances of city development code enforcement.

2010 saw completion of the long needed Salmon Valley Community Swimming Pool renovation. The entire pool was resurfaced, its chemical system upgraded and filter medium changed. The pool’s surrounding landscaping was refreshed and the pool’s building was stained on the outside and painted on the inside. Usage of the pool has climbed from 2,988 swimmers in 2007 to a total of 6,594 in the 2010 season as more and more people are enjoying its ever expanding recreational opportunities. Many classes are offered from swimming lessons for beginners to several specialty classes. Extreme workout and water yoga were two popular additions in 2010.

The city offers several recreational classes for residents of all ages. There are two adult exercise programs and an exercise program for senior citizens. In 2010 there were also golf, tennis and horseback riding classes in the Summer and a Winter Community Ski Program. The city’s Recreation Department is involved in working with community service groups to help coordinate and enhance the success of events such as the Salmon Marathon and Salmon River Days. The department of one, Judy Barkley, is participating in issues of local transportation needs and is part of a Working Together group which is developing a marketing strategy for the entire area.

As Sacajawea Interpretive Center Director, Barkley reported that 3,915 people signed the Visitor Center’s guest book from June of 2010 through August. She estimates the visitor count for the entire year was 17,690 including the number of walkers on the facility’s trails. Last year’s Guest Book visitors at the Sacajawea Center hailed from 43 states and 11 countries.

Some of the events hosted by the center in 2010 included Heritage Days, Hall-O-Ween, and Family Fun Night plus on-going interpretive presentations and a Holiday Photo Shoot that drew more than 20 families.

Use of the center’s popular Learning Center continues to increase as does the revenue that facility generates.

The Sacajawea Center’s growth toward its goal of self sufficiency is due in large part to devoted volunteer efforts. In 2010, local volunteers donated over 6500 hours of their time to making the facility’s varied attractions even more inviting.

Improvements at the Salmon Cemetery in 2010 included the addition of two sprinkler lines for irrigation. According to City Parks Superintendent Charlie Cockrell installation of a bathroom is in the plan for this year along with an eight inch line to carry flood irrigation water through the cemetery.

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