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City Finance Director Amy Fealko told the March 16th meeting of the Salmon City Council that year-to-date city financial reports look healthy.

Fealko reported on the last meeting of the cityís Finance Committee where one topic of discussion was fee waivers granted to official partners of the Sacajawea Center. She quoted committee member and City Councilman Ron Radford as saying Center Director Judy Barkley has contacted all partners as to their thoughts on paying rental fees. Their replies will be reviewed by the Sacajawea Center Committee as well as the Finance Committee.

During her report at the councilís March 2nd meeting Community Transportation Association of Idaho board member JoAnn Wolters asked the council to consider giving her official authorization to represent the city at the many state and transportation district meetings she attends on the subject of alternate mobility transportation needs of this area and this region. Wolters has been involved in local transportation services and needs for many years. Currently she and City Recreation Director Judy Barkley are co-coordinators of the Idaho Transportation Departmentís District 6A Local Mobility Management Network Committee.

Last month an official representative status request was granted to Wolters by the Lemhi County Commissioners. The acknowledgement does not give her decision making authority but does name her as the countyís representative on local Alternate Mobility transportation needs which include but are not limited to aviation transport, pathways and Targhee Regional Transportation Authority services.

In response to Wolters request to the city, Mayor Leo Marshall wrote an official letter designating her as the cityís point of contact regarding transportation and alternate mobility issues.

When it came time to vote on approving the letter Councilman Jim Kluesner abstained due to a conflict of interest, and councilmen Ken Gutzman and Ron Radford voted against approval. Councilmen Jim Baker and Fred Waidely voted in favor leaving it up to the mayor to cast a tie breaking vote. Marshall voted in favor and the letter was approved.

An opening on the City Planning and Zoning Commission was filled with the appointment of Jim Earl. Councilman Fred Waidely, former P&Z Commission Chairman, was the one who recruited Earl and made the motion to appoint him saying he thought Earl will make an excellent addition. The council vote of approval was unanimous.

Councilman Ken Gutzman made the observation that the P&Z contract with City P&Z Administrator Dan Maiyo had expired. Gutzman said he has been getting telephone calls from people inquiring as to why the contract was extended. He said he has told the callers the council has nothing to do with that decision and that any extension is at the discretion of the mayor.

The Eagles Lodge will be hosting its annual Easter Egg Hunt the afternoon of April 16th at Cavanass Park and asked the council to waive fees for use of the park.

Councilman Radford explained it was against city policy to waive use fees and then offered to cover the cost himself. Councilmen Gutzman and Waidely also volunteered to contribute and the park has been reserved.

District 291 School Superintendent Joey Foote was one of the speakers during the councilís public comment opportunity. Foote said he wanted to inform the mayor and council that the Salmon Board of Trustees has passed a resolution to move forward with a school bond election on May 17th. He said the bond request will be for $12.9 million. Foote requested time on the councilís agenda to make an official presentation on the new school facility being proposed. His presentation will be made at the April 6th meeting of the Salmon City Council.

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