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The Salmon City Council has selected Attorney Dale Storer, from Holden, Kidwell, Hahn and Crapo of Idaho Falls, to handle the Judicial Confirmation process that will be utilized to secure funding for upgrades to the city’s waste water treatment system. Judicial Confirmation can be implemented without a public vote but it does have to be reviewed and approved by a federal judge.

The sewer system upgrades are mandatory in order to meet Environmental Protection Agency and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality compliance

During the council’s April 6th discussion prior to Storer’s selection, it was explained that repayment of the two to three million dollar bond will be made by way of the monthly sewer usage fees already in place and being paid by city residents. City Administrator George Ambrose said it is an “enterprise fund” therefore there will be no increase in property taxes due to this particular bond.

City Attorney John McKinney gave his endorsement to Storer saying the city needed his expertise and experience with the Judicial Confirmation process. The council roll-call vote of approval was unanimous.

During a public comment opportunity Sheryl Amar and Jackie Sabo outlined the GEAR UP program and asked for a city letter of support to go with a grant application being submitted.

Amar said the GEAR UP program is aimed at inspiring students to become active in their educational experience and to ensure they are academically prepared for advancement to post secondary education. This is the fifth year of the six year GEAR UP program in Salmon, and locals are applying for another six year cycle.

Sabo defined the GEAR UP acronym as; Gaining Educational Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. She is the local GEAR UP site coordinator and said the current program has involved grades nine, ten and eleven. If another six year cycle is granted she said the focus will be on the seventh grade level. It has been determined seventh grade students are the most open to the idea that going to college is actually possible, and what has to be done to get there. Sabo said, “The whole GEAR UP process has really helped the kids to be able to see what comes next and to see what goes into the jobs that are around them.” One of the program activities has been to tour local businesses. She said, “They didn’t realize there were so many different jobs, just in Salmon.”

Amar said GEAR UP is great for the kids because it has given them the opportunity to tour college campuses and see what college is like. It also makes students realize they need to start saving money, now.

The council agreed to an official show of city support for the program. In order to formally approve a letter of support for GEAR UP the action will have to be placed on a pre-posted meeting agenda. There is no financial burden involved in the city’s support of the program.

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