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According to City Councilman Jim Baker the Urban Renewal Agency Board is in the process of discussing a negotiation agreement for the possible sale of a portion of its property across the street from City Hall.

Baker told the May 4th meeting of the Salmon City Council that the Summit National Bank of Wyoming has expressed interest in buying the property and constructing a new bank building. The only present occupant of the block of land under consideration is the bronze sculpture of the Grizzly Bear and leaping fish. Urban Renewal (UR) plans to complete the bear project by adding a water feature to the display. If negotiations are successful the rest of that parcel will be sold to the bank and bank officials say they would incorporate the sculpture into their landscaping plans. The land housing the sculpture would be transferred from the UR Agency to the city and remain under public ownership.

Baker added that at this point the plan is in the proposal stage and many more steps will need to take place before anything is final.

He said the agency is still committed to developing a public parking lot on the property south of the bear at the corner of Water and VanDreff streets.

The Town Square gazebo property is under UR ownership and Cavanass Park located immediately to the south is owned by the city. UR will eventually replace the existing restroom facilities in Cavanass Park. In the meantime the city will continue to maintain the present restroom.

In other business the City Council approved an Engineering Services agreement with Keller Associates so it can move forward with setting up a pilot plant to test the efficiency of an effluent filter system being considered as a means for bringing the cityís sewer system discharge up to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards. The pilot plant, which was available for this month only, is mounted on a trailer that will be transported to Salmon. Water from the sewer plant will be run through the filter in the pilot plant to make sure that type of filter cleans the water enough to qualify for the DEQ and EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit requirements. If that filter doesnít do the job that mobile pilot plant will be replaced by another pilot plant designed to test another type of filter.

Under the agreement Keller will be in charge of getting the pilot plant set up, coordinating and monitoring the study and then writing an evaluation report on the filter efficiency. The council unanimously approved the full $318,000 Engineering Scope of Work agreement with Keller Associates which includes the $18,000 cost of the pilot plant, so that phase of the project could proceed. Approval of the remainder of the agreement is contingent on the city obtaining Judicial Confirmation of the overall sewer system upgrade project plan.

Once the confirmation is received the city will negotiate a loan with DEQ to provide whatever project financing is needed. At that point the city will contract with Keller to develop the fully detailed design for a 3,000 square foot filter plant.

Topics discussed during the councilís Roundtable Discussion included many thanks from Councilman Jim Kluesner to the local Kiwanis Club for taking on the job of cleaning the History Park. On the History Park subject Mayor Leo Marshall added he has learned there are plans to paint a new mural on the wall that forms the parkís west side and Councilman Fred Waidely said he has had a request for some additional signage to explain some of the parkís antique equipment displays.

Marshall relayed a request that some maintenance work be done on the benches at the City Park Rose Garden. The benches were originally placed by families in memory of loved ones who have passed. The refurbishing work was suggested as a possible Eagle Scout project and Marshall will look into that possibility.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be May 18th at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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