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Salmonís Sacajawea Interpretive Center is doing well and already hosting out of state visitors according to a written report to the Salmon City Council. The report from Center Director Judy Barkley detailed the topics covered during an April 12 meeting of the Sacajawea Center Committee.

During that meeting committee member Jill Smith presented income and expenditure information dating back to 2008. She also supplied details on the April 29th ďFriends of the Sacajawea CenterĒ event as well as Arbor Day tree plantings. Funds for the trees will come from a Tree City USA grant submitted by City Clerk Mary Benton.

Bob Russell was thanked for his efforts towards the sale of Sacajawea Center Passports. The passports will be available during the cityís May 16-17 sign-up for summer recreational programs.

Wendy Koons and Barkley told the committee that the centerís recent Spring Fling was very successful with 32 children enrolled and many more placed on a waiting list. The educational program was offered during the studentís Spring break from regular school classes. They said some of the parents were very pleased they could stay and learn along with their children.

Barkley reported the Leslie Anderson Art Showing was attended by around 50 people and that Andersonís work will remain on display at the Learning Center through mid-May. Barkley said she is inviting Native artists from Fort Hall to display some of their work and committee member George Miley suggested perhaps the Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum might be able to provide some photo displays in between art show events.

Russell told the group that the Governorís Lewis and Clark Trails Committee charter expired last year however a process is underway to change the charterís language so the committee can continue to operate past its original purpose which was the Lewis and Clark bicentennial event. He said if a new charter is approved by the legislature and governor the restored Trails Committee will give the Sacajawea Center $3,000 for 2010 and $3,000 for 2011.

Smith and Bonnie Jakubos have written and submitted a grant proposal to fund certification and training for the centerís Ropes Course, plus scholarship funding for children who want to participate in the Ropes Course program. Their grant was written during a grant writing work shop held in Idaho Falls. They said of the 40 in attendance at the work shop, ten were from Salmon.

The Ropes Course was a gift from the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in 2006. Barkley said although not required, certification is the appropriate thing to do and she has also submitted some grant applications for staff training.

Jakubos reported funding has been received for completion of a Museum Assessment Program which basically evaluates overall operations at the center. The program is necessary in order to apply for any museum related funding grants.

The Center Committee is researching a working relationship that would be mutually beneficial for both the Back Country Horsemen organization and the Sacajawea Center. A draft agreement has been written and the committee will study it before making its recommendation to the council.

Barkley reported the number of visitors to the center is steadily increasing even though the Interpretive Center is not open. Her detailed visitor count for the past several weeks includes a number of out-of-area guests.

To further enhance the centerís kid friendly atmosphere the Center Committee has approved adding a round pen for miniature horses, goats and a cow to the centerís horse pasture area. Barkley said it will be more of an ďObservation ZooĒ as opposed to a petting zoo.

The meeting ended with a thank you to the Sacajawea Center staff from City Councilman Ron Radford. He specifically mentioned the great job the staff has been doing particularly in the area of increased revenues.

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