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There is a ‘however’ connected to the city ordinance which allows dog owners to let their dogs off leash on Island Park.

During the Salmon City Council’s June 1st Roundtable discussion it was noted that even though doggie refuse bags are provided at the park many dog owners are not being responsible about cleaning up after their animals. If that continues there is a chance pet owners could lose the freedom of taking their dogs for off-leash walks on the island. The city’s dog ordinance prohibits dogs from being in any of the other city owned parks and if the cleanliness issue at Island Park continues there is a possibility that the island could be included on the ‘no dogs allowed’ list. Councilman Jim Kluesner said the issue will be taken to the Parks and Recreation Committee’s June 28th meeting.

In his Roundtable comments, Councilman Bud Bartlett commended the State Highway Department crews on the excellent job they are doing on the Main Street Bridge approaches. He also asked about the status of an ordinance regarding portable car ports. City Administrator George Ambrose said portions of the city’s Development Code are being rewritten to address that issue. When completed, the rewrites will be presented to the council for review.

Councilman Fred Waidely requested suggestions as to another pick up and delivery site for the Carmen School bus. Right now the bus stop is Cavanass Park which has some safety issues related to the twice a day congestion. He said the city’s Safety Committee will be discussing possible alternative bus stop sites and that ideas are welcome. Waidely said the Carmen School is very interested in pursuing the topic and representatives from the school have been invited to the Safety Committee’s June 8th meeting.

Earlier in the council meeting an offer to help with doggie residue clean-up on Island Park was made as a trade for a $50 user fee waiver request by the 4-H Country Canine service project.

The 4-H project involves an annual, mid-July fund raising Dog Wash that had been being held at Cavanass Park until the ordinance prohibiting dogs on all city properties except Island Park was brought to bear. 4-H Project Leader Pat Upton introduced Country Canine participants Julia Williams and Erica Bradbury to the council. In her presentation Bradbury told the council that 4-H is a non-profit organization and that all proceeds from the Dog Wash will go to prizes and other expenses related to the service project’s Lemhi County Fair dog obedience, showmanship and agility event. Bradbury said that in exchange for the fee waiver, project members would be willing to do a clean-up walk-through of Island Park.

Even though the council supported the 4-H project it remained firm on not granting exceptions to the city’s no fee waivers policy. Councilman Waidely spoke in favor of the no fee waiver approach and also in favor of the 4-H Country Canine project. He said the fact the group had volunteered some labor made a difference and he happily volunteered to personally pay the $50 fee.

Upton and the girls thanked Waidely for his generosity.

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