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JoAnn Wolters told the June 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council about the successful outcome to a grant application that was submitted a year ago.

The proposed project was a .65 mile, hot mix coated pathway beginning in the area of Arnold’s Auto on Highway 28 and ending at City Park. The city joined the effort to obtain the grant by signing on as a sponsor and fiscal agent.

The pathway will provide a way for pedestrians and bicyclists to safely reach the park without having to deal with highway traffic. The awarded grant money will come from the Idaho Transportation Department’s federal funds that are dedicated to the Scenic Byways program.

Wolters and City Recreation Director Judy Barkley are co-coordinators for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) District 6A and were instrumental in developing the pathway project. Wolters said that out of the eight grant applications submitted only four grants were awarded by ITD and Salmon’s pathway project was the first to be announced. She stressed the importance of doing a good job in fulfilling and completing the project as proposed since its outcome will determine the odds of any future grant opportunities.

Wolters said a big key to obtaining the grant was how well the grant proposal was developed and written. She also said the ITD officials in Boise have been very “pro Salmon.”

Wolters said many local people worked hard on all the aspects involved in putting the grant application together. Among those mentioned were Michele Tucker, Steve Frazee and Robert Stoddard and Wolters gave special credit to Adrian Blauser for her assistance in writing what she called, “…a fine definitive, grant that they liked a lot.”

The city will be participating in the project by being the grant’s administrative agent and with work provided by its Public Works Department. Wolters thanked Department Superintendent Mickey Verbeck and City Administrator George Ambrose for their contributions towards achieving a successful grant proposal.

Wolters presented council members with copies of a letter from District 6 Mobility Manager Jeff Osgood who works under the Community Transportation Association of Idaho (CTAI). Wolters is on the CTAI Board of Directors and she said Osgood is very pleased with the local team effort towards transportation improvements.

Wolters said this community’s Local Mobility Management Network (LMMN) team was recently given a grant that will allow for extending the hours of transportation services to Whitewater Therapeutic Riding Association, Joshua Smith and After School Promise program participants. Such services will also be extended to groups helping seniors as well as Americans with Disabilities Act individuals to better integrate into society through activities and learning opportunities. The grant will take effect in April of 2012 and in the meantime it is hoped some of the needed late afternoon and weekend services can be provided upon arrival of an ITD funded van.

There is no set date for the pathway project to begin or end so part of the project could be done this year and the rest next year. Wolters requested that a meeting be scheduled so she and the city officials involved can go over the grant details. A pathway work session was arranged for June 22 at 9AM just prior to a council work session on the city’s 2012 fiscal year budget.
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