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At its June 8 meeting, the city’s Public Works Committee decided to recommend that Bob Wiederrick should go ahead with his plan to create a turn-around in a public right of way alley.

Mayor Leo Marshall delivered the report on behalf of committee chairman Bud Bartlett. He said the committee visited the site of the proposed turn-around along with one of Wiederrick’s neighbors, Mike Wallingford. Marshall said Wallingford and the committee agreed it was a good plan. The proposal was listed on the council agenda later in the City Council meeting and when the time came to vote, approval of the turn-around was unanimous.

The committee discussed a 1400 foot sewer line replacement on South St. Charles Street. Committee members debated the possibility of also replacing the water line since it is in the same area. The water line will be checked to see if replacement is needed. The city has the necessary C-900 pipe in its inventory.

Rick Sessions met with the committee to discuss the house he built on the foundation of a previous house, not knowing the old house was located only six feet from the city property line. He would like to have that section of road vacated to give him another ten to 12 feet of property which would allow for legal set back requirements to be met. Marshall said City Compliance Code Officer Dan Maiyo is looking into the vacation request and checking related legalities.

The next Public Works Committee meeting will be on July 13 at 4:45PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

In his report on a June 8 meeting of the city’s Safety Committee, Councilman and committee Chairman Fred Waidely said the parking issues previously reported on Lemhi Avenue are being resolved by the City Police Department.

Skateboards being ridden on public sidewalks are once again a problem for the downtown area. It is not only dangerous for riders and pedestrians it is against the law and the Police Department is on alert. The committee discussed a need for more “No Skateboards” signage on Main Street, advertisements to that effect on KSRA and in the newspaper.

Waidely suggested that merchants tell the skateboard riders to either get off the sidewalk or pick up the board and walk. He said it is very possible that a person leaving one of the stores on Main Street could be injured by stepping into the path of a speeding skate board or bicycle.

Waidely said they are still looking for an alternative loading and unloading location for the Carmen School bus. Suggestions are welcome.

The committee also discussed the high water danger on the lower end of Island Park. That section of park will be blocked off when the river reaches the high water stage.

During the Safety Committee Roundtable discussion Police Chief Felker talked about the Lemhi County Sheriff’s request for Dispatch fees. The topic will continue to be discussed with the City Council and the city’s budget committee.

The next meeting of the Safety Committee is set for July 13 at 3PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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