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In her July 20 report to the Salmon City Council Sacajawea Center Director Judy Barkley reported on all the activities taking place including the Tuff Stuff for Girls program. She said there have been some questions about that program being provided at the Center and she reminded committee members it is being funded by a grant from the Horizons Steering Committee.

The Centerís Kids Garden and Heritage Garden were committee topics. Barkley said her husband Stan has spent three weeks working on some safety issues around the garden as well as a watering system for the entire area. She said the new system will be much more efficient in terms of water and time. The new system is expected to use less water and will definitely save the staff from the four to six hours a day it has been spending on watering duties. Barkley also said the Boy Scouts have really helped with eliminating weeds all around Center property. At the conclusion of her report to the council meeting Councilman Ron Radford gave a special thank to the Scouts for all the work they have done at the Center.

A new message board sign has been installed at the Center by City Parks Superintendent Charlie Cockrell and the crew. It is currently advertising an up coming Salmon Arts Council concert. Costs of the sign will be submitted to the Governorís Lewis and Clark Trail Committee.

Barkley said all the good Youth Employment Program work of moving the trail away from its proximity to the Lemhi River was washed away and that Mike Crosby has moved it again. She said according to Crosby, people were using the dangerously washed out trail even though it was posted as closed.

Crosby is the host of informational presentations given in the Meriwether Theater. He told Barkley that for some reason on July 8 and 9 there were the largest crowds in attendance since the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Celebration.

The Centerís committee has requested a copy of the facilityís original mission statement, results of a community wide survey conducted a few months ago as part of a Museum Assessment Program grant and a list of projects and grants that have been requested. Barkley will make the material available.

Over the years foliage growth has nestled around buildings on the Center property to the point they are not as visible as they once were. Barkley said some directional signs are needed to point the way to the Interpretive Center, Meriwether Theater, Learning Center and other attractions.

Representatives from the National Park System were recent guests at the Sacajawea Center and were very complimentary about what they saw. Barkley said the group was impressed with the trails, the volunteers and docent staff as well as the overall physical environment.

The Sacajawea Visitor Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 5PM and from 12:30PM to 5PM on Sundays. To schedule a tour of the facility call (208) 756-1188.

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