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Councilman Jim Kluesner, Chairman of the City Parks and Recreation Committee, told the Salmon City Council on August 3rd, that there were no representatives from the baseball, softball or hockey organizations at the committee’s July 26 meeting. As a result he asked City Clerk Mary Benton if any of those sports organizations have submitted the requested signed agreements with the city. The agreements from the various organizations must also include proof of insurance as well as a list of times they will need to reserve the field.

Kluesner said each organization also needs to submit a financial report to the city.

The Parks and Recreation Committee discussed the matter of graffiti and vandalism on Island Park. It recommended that the Mayor have the police lock the bathrooms and Skate Park at 10PM. The police will also be asked to patrol the area a couple of times every evening.

At the last City Council meeting Mayor Leo Marshall asked the committee to look into the possibilities of building a Pump Track for bicyclists. His request had to do with thinking a recently dug trench on Island Park had to do with youngsters’ attempts to create their own Pump Track. Kluesner reported that committee members unanimously agreed the city should not be the entity to spearhead building a Pump Track. The consensus was some local organization or association should take on the project. Sacajawea Center Director Judy Barkley made the suggestion a Pump Track could be built on some portion of the center’s property if an organized group was willing to build the track and maintain it.

The Parks and Recreation meetings take place just prior to meetings of the Local Option Tax Commission. The LOT meetings have been moved to 5:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every month. The Parks and Recreation Committee will meet one hour before the LOT Commission. This month those meetings will take place on August 16th.

During the Roundtable portion of the City Council meeting Kluesner gave a special thanks to Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck and his crew for a good job of filling in the uninvited trench on Island Park and preparing park grounds for the upcoming Blues, Brews and Barbeque event. He said the park looks very nice.

Another Roundtable comment was from Councilman Jim Baker who thanked Robert Dunlop for sharing his ideas about a progressive scaling down on the amount of funds LOT awards to repetitive applicants’ yearly events. Baker said he liked the idea.

And speaking of LOT, Mayor Marshall read a thank you note from Salmon River Spokes and Chrome. The organization thanked the city for approving LOT funds for the group’s annual Father’s Day Car Show in June. The note said the money really helped given the fact car entries and spectators were down this year due to the weather.

The appreciation note was appreciated.

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