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The city’s fiscal year 2011-12 budget totaling $3,543,271 was officially and unanimously adopted August 17 by way of a third reading on Ordinance 11-774. The budget goes into effect on October 1st.

In other business before the Salmon City Council, Public Safety Committee Chairman Fred Waidely said a proposed solution to hazards involved with on loading and off loading Carmen Charter School students at Cavanass Park is to change the bus stop to the VanDreff and Water Street parking lot. He said the lot has easy ingress-egress for the school bus and would be a safer area for children and parents than the heavy traffic conditions along Water Street. The parking lot is within Urban Renewal boundaries and Waidely will contact the UR Board to see if it will agree to allowing the property to be used as a school bus stop. City Attorney Fred Snook advised obtaining written permission.

Since the City Council meeting the UR Board has been contacted and has given permission for the Carmen Charter School bus stop to be at the VanDreff and Water Street parking lot.

During the council’s Roundtable discussion Councilman Bud Bartlett complimented the work being done by the various city committees all of which have improved the city’s efficiency. Councilman Waidely praised the recent Blues Brews and Barbeque event that took place on Island Park. He said he thought it was exceptionally well organized and that the Salmon Arts Council did a tremendous job. He said the event was very well received by the public and he estimated that by the end of the evening there were close to two hundred people dancing on the park’s lawn. He also commended the Public Works Department for Island Park’s cleanliness and excellently manicured grounds.

City Administrator George Ambrose said finding a solution to a long standing water rights issue between the Arrowhead Water District and the city is moving in a positive direction. His second topic dealt with the outcome of a community survey taken about three months ago. The survey was part of the documentation necessary to pursue a grant to help with waste water treatment plant upgrade expenses. He said the state has accepted the survey and that because of the numbers shown, the community is eligible for moving forward with an application for a $500,000 grant. Next steps will include getting the state’s approval in writing and scheduling a workshop. Ambrose said it was very good news.

The council approved city service disconnect applications on three properties owned by Larry Wade. The properties are located at 700 and 706 Shanafelt Street and 415 Capital Avenue. The disconnections will be made as per instructions from Public Works Supervisor Mickey Verbeck.

Kathleen Brown of the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce requested and was granted permission for one night of overnight camping on Island Park related to the upcoming September 10 Salmon Marathon. The overnight is a matter of security for the timing equipment that needs to be set up and ready by 5 AM marathon morning.

A list of five annual retail alcohol license renewals were approved by the council and a list of 18 retail alcohol license renewals were approved contingent on receipt of state and county licenses and city fees.

The council turned down a fee waiver request made by Rick Ackerly. He is seeking a Conditional Use Permit for a mobile food unit and asked that the $500 application fee be waived or reduced, or that installment payments be allowed. It was explained that the reason for the fee is to cover costs incurred by the city in researching code compliance associated with the requested permit plus the publication and mailing notification costs of scheduling the required public hearings. City Code Compliance officer Dan Maiyo said the Conditional Use Permit process fees are set by city ordinance and that the Planning Department accepts the fee along with the application. Councilman Ken Hill said the city code is clear and recommended that perhaps some private funding could be found.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be September 7 beginning at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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