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The city has recently been highly praised and outright condemned in two separate letters from visitors.

Mayor Leo Marshall read a letter written to the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce from a visitor who was appalled by the apparent serious lack of care and pride in the city’s appearance and at the junkie appearance of many yards and homes. The letter said the visitors had looked at retiring in Salmon however after seeing conditions the only reason they would want to come here would be to clean it up. They wondered if there wasn’t an ordinance in Salmon requiring people to keep their yards clean. The letter also said housing prices in Salmon are too high.

The second letter sang the praises of the Salmon Sacajawea Center and thanked the city and local visionaries for creating such a facility. The center’s staff was praised as well as the opportunities for learning the area’s history. The visitors also praised the public walkways and city parks. The letter’s author is from Stone Mountain, Georgia. The first letter came from people in North Dakota.

Coincidently, two property clean-up issues were on that evening’s meeting agenda.

The first update was on the Guyaz property at 9th and Roosevelt Streets. City Attorney Fred Snook Jr. related the history of the property and city demands that the property be cleaned. He said the property has not been occupied for about ten years. According to Snook it was originally owned by Henry Guyaz and was inherited by Del Guyaz. When Del Guyaz died the property went to his son William who has made some efforts towards vehicle removal but is now unable to continue clean-up efforts due to ill health. Snook said William is transferring the property, which is assessed at approximately $50,000, to his nephew U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant James W. Andrews. Andrews has communicated to the city his plans to tear down the existing house and clean the property after he completes a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Snook recommended Andrews be given until next Summer to take care of the clean-up issues.

The second property under order to ‘abate a nuisance’ involves four lots located at 1204 Taft Street which are not owned by anyone living. Snook explained the property belonged to Wayne Blood and was not legally passed on to anyone when Blood died, therefore is still in Blood’s name. No relatives opened the estate to transfer the property within the three year time period given to do so. The city has contacted a relative, Roy Blood, and issued the nuisance order however technically he is not the property owner.

Snook told the council it is a legal quagmire and he will continue to explore what legal avenues are available. He said, “What the hard part of this case is, is there’s nobody to give the legal notice to.”

Following council questions, discussion and suggestions it was decided the subject of the un-owned Blood property will be continued at the next City Council meeting.

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