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The Salmon City Council approved additional expenditures and revenues related to the Cemetery fund at its September 21 meeting.

During a formal public hearing Finance Director Amy Fealko explained the hearing was a step required to amend the fund’s budget ordinance to allow for an additional $37,560 in expenditures already approved by the council. The expenses included $13,560 to cover the cost of the CXT toilet and $24,000 for seal coating the cemetery roads, neither of which was in the original cemetery budget. The revenues are from the cemetery’s contingency fund. There were no comments and the hearing was closed. Later in the meeting the council waived the second and third readings of the ordinance and passed the amendment on the first reading.

Fealko also introduced the yearly contract submitted by Certified Public Accountant Bob Baker. The contract detailed services he will perform in connection with the city’s annual audit. The council approved the contract.

The council approved a request from Layne Scholkowfsky for a water meter to be moved from 1601 Mary Street where it wasn’t being used to 2007 Main Street. Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck approved the change with the understanding that there will still be a hookup fee and that the sewer connection at the Mary Street address will be capped.

Robert and Leona Gibbs asked that the size of a meter located at 120 South Challis Street be reduced from a one inch to a three quarter inch. It was explained that the automatic car wash and lube service at that address operates on a well and does not use city water. The request was approved pending further verification the car wash operates with well water.

In the interest of bookkeeping clarity, a report from Local Option Tax Commission Chairman Jim Bockelman concerning left over LOT funds that will be rolled over into the coming year will be rescheduled for the council’s October 5 meeting. That way the balances will be entered in the city’s 2011/2012 fiscal year.

According to Bockelman, LOT Commissioner Bob Daniels’ term on the commission is ending and he plans to retire from the job. He is however staying with the commission until a new commissioner is approved by the City Council. Bockelman said they are looking for someone connected with a tourist related business to fill the position. Anyone interested may contact Bockelman or any member of the commission.

During a public comment period Bockelman offered to spearhead a landscaping project to improve scenic values on the downtown lot containing the Grizzly Bear sculpture. It was explained that property is owned by Urban Renewal (UR).

Councilman Jim Baker sits on the UR board which he said has a long range plan that includes paying off the last of the three vacant properties. Baker said UR is in negotiations with a Wyoming Bank interested in the property and he said landscaping is part of the bank’s plan. He said things are in the works however nothing will probably actually be done until 2013. In the meantime Baker said he would not be in favor of seeing any more money invested in the property only to dig it up in the future.

At a previous meeting Bockelman raised the issue of deteriorating sidewalks. He said he was glad to hear during this meeting that the city is sympathetic towards property owners ordained to maintain the sidewalks and that it will be working with them as much as possible.

Mayor Leo Marshall ended the council meeting with a proclamation naming the week of September 19 through 23 “Senior Corps Week” in honor of all the expertise and skills offered to this community by citizens aged 55 and older.

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