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At its November 2nd meeting, the Salmon City Council voted on several agenda items which carried action recommendations from city committees.

Clifford Zielke of the Mountain Valley Endeavors, LLC (Limited Liability Company) presented the council with a certificate of existence from the Idaho Secretary of State confirming the company does indeed still exist. In late October the council granted a second one-year extension on the company’s planned ‘The Bluffs’ development contingent on an inquiry into the LLC’s current status. The proposed Planned Unit Development in the area of Catherine Lane and South St. Charles streets has been delayed due to the general economic conditions.

The contract, approved by the council in October of 2008, contained a clause that allowed the company up to three one-year extensions if circumstances beyond the LLC’s control prevented development of the proposal. Zielke told the council the project plan has not changed and the company is hoping to start construction next Spring. A majority vote from the council gave official approval for the extension. Councilmen Bud Bartlett and Jim Kluesner voted against the approval.

By unanimous vote the Salmon City Council approved the appointment of Greg Lowell to the City Planning and Zoning Commission. Mayor Leo Marshall recommended the appointment of Lowell saying he had been interviewed and is willing to serve.

At the recommendation of the Public Works Committee and Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck the council voted unanimously in favor of buying a 100 foot strip of property along Lillian Street, presently owned by Larry Eldredge.

The acquisition of the 15 foot wide piece of land will be an outright purchase for an agreed upon price of $300.

City Planner Dan Maiyo reported on his research into the area’s history and provided the council with a site map. He said the property abuts an existing 15 foot wide alley known as Lillian Street which is just north of Shanafelt Street and located in what was part of the old Gilmore and Pittsburg Railroad property. G&P relinquished the property in the late 1940’s.

Maiyo said that over the years the alleyway has been assumed to be a street however records show it was originally designated as an alley. There is a city water line located under the privately owned strip of property. The line was installed by private property owners and connects with the water line under Shanafelt Street. Maiyo said he has reviewed all just compensation rules and deed records and has found everything to be in order.

Another official council vote was its approval of a retail liquor license for the Owl Club which is now under the ownership of Tyler Dahle.

The council’s last action of the evening was to agree with a Public Works Committee recommendation that the city should work with the local Idaho Department of Fish and Game on the replacement of the Kid’s Creek Pond restroom. There is no city expenditure involved since Fish and Game is providing the unit which will be placed on an already installed vault. The combined effort will resolve issues related to the old restroom’s overflow problems.

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