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The job of the various City Council committees is to research questions and issues then make action or no action recommendations to the full council.

At its November 16 meeting the council followed a recommendation from the Public Works Committee and Public Works Supervisor Mickey Verbeck to begin the process towards activating an auxiliary waste water pond.

According to City Administrator George Ambrose there is a waste pond close to the water treatment plant that is getting pretty full of debris and will take a lot of back hoe work to clean out. Before that can be done an additional water line needs to be added to a second pond so that pond can be used as an auxiliary during the cleaning process and later as a secondary waste pond, which will add greater cleaning capacity to the system.

He said the city is working with the Department of Environmental Quality on permits to allow the addition of the pond and discharge line to the system.

Once the permitting process is completed city crews will be able to do the necessary work. Funds for the project will come from the cityís Water Fund.

In his report of the November 9 Public Safety Committee, Councilman Fred Waidely said Jamie Bockelman was welcomed as a newly appointed committee member.

Updating the ongoing city deer herd issues, Waidely said a questionnaire is being prepared by the local Idaho Fish and Game Department office. Once completed the questionaire will be submitted to the City Council for final approval. The Fish and Game will use the questionnaire to obtain local citizenís opinions about what should or shouldnít be done with the resident deer herd.

Robert Wiederrick told the committee of an old barbed wire fence which he thinks could be a safety hazard. The fence is located on the north side of the Old Leesburg Road and he asked the committee to look into whether the fence is in the county or within the city limits. Barbed wire fencing is not allowed in the city except when used at a six foot high level. The committee will check the fence location with City Planner Dan Maiyo and if itís in the city, find out the name of the property owner.

A request has been made to install small road markers on the Elks Road so drivers can better determine where the middle of the road is located. The Safety Committee has turned the request over to the Public Works Committee. Waidely said Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck has said that adding the markers to the road would be no problem.

Police Chief K.V. Felker told the committee that City Police patrols on Island Park will be increased due to reports of illegal activities. He also reported that a new patrol vehicle has been added and should fill department needs for the next two years. Felker said a new police dog is in the process of being trained and will be ready for certification in about a year.

The next meeting of the Public Safety Committee is set for December 14 at 3:00PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room and is open to the public.

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