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Every City Council meeting’s Roundtable Discussion segment allows for topics to be discussed that are not listed on the meeting’s official agenda. During the first meeting in February those topics included the Whitewater Kayak Park proposal, a past meeting on recreation funding, Idaho Public Records request procedures, wood cutter trucks and an emergency training session.

Councilman Jim Baker commented that the Whitewater Association wanted to meet with the council and City Administrator George Ambrose said the group has requested a work session format so their plans for a Kayak Park can be explained and discussed thoroughly. Timeframe for the work session is the last week of February or in early March. Work sessions are open to public attendance but not to public comment during the session.

Councilman Jim Kluesner presented results of some research into a past meeting regarding generating funds for local recreation. He distributed copies of a July 2008 meeting between the City Council and the Lemhi County Commissioners in which the process of developing a Recreation District was discussed. Kluesner said that formation of a Recreation District was one of several solutions suggested and would give voters a chance to decide how they want their tax dollars spent in terms of local recreation opportunities. He said he wanted current councilmen to be aware of the past meeting.

City Attorney Fred Snook Jr. addressed the topic of claims that the city has failed to respond to a request for records. He said, “That is not correct.”

Snook explained that in late December an individual sent a certified letter to Mayor Leo Marshall. Snook said that though the person claimed it was a Request for Public Records it was not. He said the purpose of the Idaho Public Records law manual is to provide a simple procedure to allow for inspection and copies of records. In this case there was no request for any specific record or copy of anything. He added that according to legal procedure the letter should have been sent to the City Clerk who is the record custodian, not to the mayor.

In late January a letter arrived asking if Snook was aware the city was in violation of the state law. Snook’s response was, “Well, no…because we’re not in violation.”

Snook, Marshall and City Clerk Mary Benton met with Calvin Lehman to explain the city is not denying any documents because he hadn’t requested anything. They also outlined the Request for Records law and the related procedure. According to Snook the actual request was for the city to set up a web site upon which everything the city does in terms of expenses, income and the sewer project would be placed.

Snook said he advised Lehman to present his suggestions to the City Finance Committee’s February 7 meeting. The presentation has been officially placed on the committee’s agenda. The 11AM meeting will be held at the Sacajawea Center.

Councilman Jim Bockelman commented that even though he is totally sympathetic to all the work that goes into wood cutting and is all in favor of the sale of the product, he has to say he is relieved the trucks loaded with rounds of wood are no longer parked on Main Street. He said he felt they were causing some visual obstructions and therefore were hazardous to traffic.

Mayor Marshall relayed a conversation with County Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman in which Goodman said organizers were asking why the city had not attended a recent Homeland Security emergency training session. Marshall answered that the city was unaware of the training and had not been invited. Marshall said that he would like the entire council to be involved in the next training opportunity.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be February 15 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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