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The Salmon City Council is working on developing an official resolution that will address the authorization procedure related to submitting and approving grants.

At February’s second council meeting of the month Mayor Leo Marshall explained there are instances when the time-frame for grant submission does not fall within the council’s regular meeting schedule and therefore some grant opportunities are missed. He said Resolution 2012-1 would compensate for those instances.

Council President Jim Baker said the resolution’s language would allow for submission of a grant application but final approval of grant acceptance would still be up to the City Council. He said no monies would be accepted, exchanged or approved without a council vote.

City Administrator George Ambrose added the grant would not be approved until the council is made aware of exactly what impacts there may be on the city.

Baker said that ideally proponents of a grant come before the council to present their proposals however, in instances of a short time-frame the resolution would provide an approved procedure.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko will make the suggested changes to the resolution then distribute the document to council members for review. A vote on the resolution will be scheduled on the March 7 council meeting agenda.

Certified Public Accountant Bob Baker was in attendance to answer any questions the council may have had about the 2010-2011 City Audit he presented at the last council meeting. He said that city finances are on track, as are fund balances, and that all loans are up to date. Summing it up Baker said, “Everything is in pretty solid shape across the board.” The council vote of approval on the audit was unanimous.

The Council discussed the policy of long-term city employee contracts, specifically the contract with Finance Director Fealko. It is one of only two contracts the city still holds. Councilman Jim Kluesner reported that a few years ago he contacted several other eastern Idaho cities regarding the practice of employee contracts and with the exception of one community no other cities offer them.

Baker said he thinks a five-year contract locks the city into certain provisions for too long a time.

Marshall volunteered to do some rewrites on the contract then resubmit it for more discussion.

The council passed the second reading of Development Code Ordinance 12-779 after City Planner Dan Maiyo explained reasons behind changing its original language. The changes have to do with final authority over decisions regarding street access and classification issues, street surfacing and sidewalks. Based on an earlier council discussion and suggestions the ordinance also clarifies that in terms of final decision making authority the reference to “city” in fact means, and is now written as, the “City Council.” The passing vote was unanimous.

The council approved two requests for utility service discontinuation. One was for an empty lot on 14th Street and one pertained to a structure being used only for storage at 1001 Leadore Avenue. A third request to discontinue services was denied. It was for a dwelling at 1209 Leadore Avenue which according to Public Works Supervisor Mickey Verbeck is suitable for occupancy and therefore should not be disconnected from services.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be March 7 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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