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The Salmon City Council continued a discussion on agreements and contracts at its March 21 meeting.

There are agreements pending related to services provided at the Sacajawea Center. They are the professional services agreements with Jeremy Drake for the Horse Exhibit area at the Center, a professional services agreement with Mike Crosby related to his being the Sacajawea Park Host and director of Interpretive Programs at the center and a professional services agreement with Joe Bigley for the center’s Outdoor School Programs. Those were referred to City Attorney Fred Snook for his evaluation.

A long standing agreement with Jerry Elzinga for haying and irrigation of the Sacajawea Center pasture area was referred to the Finance Committee Team for additional study on possible changes. The question arose as to the time frame of when the seasonal services need to begin and a special Finance Team meeting was set for March 26 to discuss the haying agreement. Recommendations from that meeting will be presented at the April 4 council meeting.

A time sensitive contract with Phillips Brothers Construction Company was accepted. It was the lowest bid of the six submitted. The projects outlined in the bidding process have a completion date of May 12.

In answer to questions from the council, City Attorney Snook had reviewed a proposed agreement with city Finance Director Amy Fealko. The council wanted to know if it was an agreement or a contract. Snook determined it is an agreement and there was no need to change any of the language it contains. Councilmen Jim Bockelman and Jim Baker stated the problems they have with employee agreements in general and cast the two ‘no’ votes in the four to two council decision to approve the Finance Director agreement.

An agreement between the city and the Hockey Association for the association’s care and maintenance of the public skating rink has been reworked to reflect payment of up to $3,000 per season instead of just a flat $3,000 fee. The roll call vote to approve the agreement was unanimously in favor.

The council unanimously approved as written a grant application for funds needed to repair the elevator in City Hall as well as replacement of some portions of carpet. The grant request is for just over $10,000 and was written by Mary Cerise of the Salmon Arts Council. She said she was glad to do the writing in the spirit of partnership between the Arts Council and the city. The grant is on the basis of a 50-50 match and Cerise said the Seniors organization, which headquarters in City Hall, has volunteered to do some fund raising to help with the match.

The Sacajawea Center Team Committee has recommended that a new job position at the center be created by combining two existing part-time positions and that a seasonal employee of the center be transferred to work as a groundskeeper under the supervision of Park Superintendent Charlie Cockrell. It was explained that the employee’s salary would still come from the center’s budget so it is a work rearrangement rather than the hiring of an additional employee. The position created by combining the two part-time jobs would involve from 30 to 40 hours a week and have a pay scale of from $9 to $13 per hour.

The original recommendation was made with an intention of working the newly created position into that of Center Director. Since then a question has arisen as to whether or not Center Direct Judy Barkley will be vacating the job. No matter the outcome of her decision it was agreed by the team and the council that a detailed job description needs to be written for the Center Director position.

Mayor Leo Marshall said that before the council makes a decision on the Sacajawea Center Team’s recommendations he wants to meet with the parties involved and see if some understandings can be reached.

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