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Targhee Regional Transportation Authority (TRPTA) Executive Director Lynn Seymour and TRPTA Board of Directors Chairman Bert Webster were guests at the April 4 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

They gave council members a letter addressing resident concerns posed at previous meetings. The letter outlined each concern and what would be needed to fulfill the service requests. Webster said there are limitations due to all the state and federal requirements the company has to meet as well as the amount of available funding. He offered to answer any questions the council might have after reading the letter that was presented.

Webster thanked the city for its past support and expressed the hope TRPTA will continue to serve the area’s transportation needs to the community’s satisfaction. He said TRPTA would like to participate in development of the city’s long term transportation plan and to be a part of it.

In answer to a question from Councilman Jim Baker regarding percentages of city and county riders Seymour said she would have to consult past records. She said recently added personnel are working on improving response time to telephone calls and as far as she knows there have been no denials to same day service for medical appointments. Seymour said when such calls come in TRPTA does everything in its power to provide the service. Otherwise customers are required to call by 4PM a day in advance. She said there is a subscription service for standing weekly appointments.

Seymour said the recent statistics for the regional transportation system show around 7,000 service calls per month.

Seymour asked the council to please consider TRPTA’s funding request in its next budget cycle.

Following the TRPTA presentation, Idaho Transportation District 6A Local Mobility Management Network (LMMN) Committee co-coordinator JoAnn Wolters reported on the arrival of the new Seniors Coach. She said the senior citizens are very happy with it. The coach replaces a van that has been in use since around 1991 and was used before that at the INEL. The new bus will also be available for after hours use by the After School Promise, the Joshua Smith Foundation and the Whitewater Therapeutic Riding Association. There will soon be an opportunity for local businesses to buy advertising space on the sides of the coach.

Wolters announced that there is good chance at obtaining a second bus that is available in Dubois. If that happens an additional bus could be used for transporting Discovery Care patients to Missoula doctor appointments and for Veterans transportation needs. The final decision on who will receive the bus should be known in about a week. If it comes to this area it will be handled through the seniors program with insurance and maintenance handled by Lemhi County.

She commented on the city’s 2003 Transportation Plan saying it is a good one and could be updated a bit. She also said the county’s Transportation Plan is in its final stages and that it refers to and incorporates the city’s existing plan.

Wolters thanked the city again for its support in obtaining the new Goshen Coach GCII bus for the Seniors and said it was good to see the county and city working cooperatively to make that happen.

She invited each council member to join a May 10 bicycle ride being sponsored by the Lemhi County Alternative Mobility Team. The planned route will take bicycle riders from Island Park to the Sacajawea Center.
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