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During the May 2nd City Council’s Roundtable discussion Mayor Leo Marshall delivered the news that the $500,000 Idaho Community Development Block Grant for which the city applied has been awarded. The purpose of applying for the Block Grant was to obtain financial assistance for the over $3 million Department of Environmental Quality loan needed to make Environmental Protection Agency mandated improvements to Salmon’s Wastewater Treatment System.

The grant application was prepared by the East Central Idaho Development Company of Rexburg which will be continuing to produce and submit documentation required by the Idaho Department of Commerce grant award process.

Councilman Fred Waidely reported that the first results of an inspection of the city’s inverted siphon waste water line which runs under the Salmon River show there are no leaks. Waidely added that it looked to him as if the closed circuit TV camera had only traveled through the first 300 feet of the 680 foot line. He said there are over 200 gallons per minute entering the system from somewhere and he still suspects problems in that line. Waidely said the camera was also run through sewer lines under North Saint Charles Street and results confirmed there are several leaks on that section which will be fixed in phase two of the line repair project.

Waidely, who is chairman of the city’s Public Works Team, also reported that the test filter for the Waste Water Plant has been installed and will probably be in operation for three or four weeks. No results on water samples are available as yet.

Marshall told the council he received complaints over the 9AM scheduling of the special council meeting where city fees were reviewed. The main objection was that the meeting took place when most people were at work and unable to attend. He said that is something to keep in mind when scheduling future meetings.

In an update on the 9th and Roosevelt Street ”nuisance” property, Marshall said the current property owner’s family has informed the city that work will begin soon. The council had granted a delay in the cleanup until the owner, Air Force Staff Sergeant James Andrews, returns from deployment in Afghanistan.

Marshall also forewarned the council that the first Wednesday in July is July 4th so council members should decide whether to change the regular meeting date or cancel it altogether.

Later in the meeting City Clerk Mary Benton reported on results of research into the legalities of including a Roundtable Discussion on council agendas. She said the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) advises against it. The AIC feels that even though no official actions are taken during Roundtable, there is a chance of Open Meeting Law violations when something is discussed that is not listed on the pre-posted agenda.

The council decided to continue the Roundtable Discussion practice because of the informational aspects the venue provides. Council members agreed they will also keep the legal restraints in mind.

The Salmon City Council meets every first and third Wednesday of the month.

The next regular meeting will be May 16th in the Salmon Valley meeting room at 6PM. The meetings are open to the public.

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