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When the Salmon City Council approved a one dollar rate hike requested by Lemhi Sanitation the subject of impacts on fixed income residents was raised.

At the May 2nd council meeting Lemhi Sanitation Operations Manager Kevin Stout said the company shares similar concerns about raising the monthly service fee from $13 to $14 knowing that for some it is an issue. He said he has been considering leaving the rate the same for residents aged 65 or older or those with limited incomes but is not sure how to obtain qualification information. Councilman Jim Bockelman mentioned the Circuit Breaker Program which has listings of eligible participants and he suggested contacting Social Services Director Sue Dickens. The council commended and expressed appreciation for the company’s gesture.

A draft version of a letter to the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes was discussed as well as a written agreement between the city and Fitness 7 Center. The purpose of the Fitness 7 agreement is to facilitate the May payment for use of the facility during the past six months. Some minor changes will be made to the agreement before it is renewed next fall.

In a review of the purpose for council committees, or teams as they are now known, the overall consensus was they allow for more in depth discussion and research. Each team meets monthly under the headings of Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Public Safety, Finance and the Sacajawea Center. The discussion was led by Mayor Leo Marshall. Benefits mentioned by team members included the opportunity for detailed research prior to reporting the subject to the council, providing an open avenue to the full council for the city’s Public Works and Police departments, a place where employees can discuss topics in a less formal atmosphere and the opportunity to explore subjects at length.

The opinion was offered that there should be more communication between the separate teams.

City Clerk Mary Benton issued a communication caution to council members. She said they need to be careful of what sort of information passes between them on line since in some aspects those communications could be viewed as a meeting.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be May 16 in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room beginning at 6PM.

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