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One of the topics at the May 9th meeting of the cityís Public Works Team had to do with non-compliance of required city utility hook-ups. The issue related to property owned by Mark Troy. On May 16th Team Chairman Fred Waidely told the Salmon City Council that since the meeting more options have been found that will need further discussion before the team can decide on a recommendation.

Waidely said a matter concerning speed limit signs was referred to the Safety Team and reported that the inverted siphon waste water line closed circuit TV inspection status was discussed. He said about 125 feet of the siphon which runs under the Salmon River could not be inspected due to water turbulence and rate of flow. He said there is a possibility the cause of the excessive 200 gallons per minute inflow is located further down the length of the siphon in the uninspected portion of the line. City Administrator George Ambrose will seek advice from the engineers as to the best way to proceed.

Waidely said the test filter for the Waste Water Plant is still being evaluated. He said that although there are no laboratory reports on water samples as yet, the filter appears to be doing what it is supposed to do.

City Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck told the team that sewer line cleaning will begin in June and Ambrose said bids on equipment for the Waste Water Plant upgrades are to be solicited. The bids will be opened in June.

City Councilman Ken Hill is chairman of the cityís Public Safety Team and he reported on the teamís May 9th meeting. Hill said results of the deer survey were reviewed and that copies of the survey have been made available to all members of the council. He said in the teamís opinion there was no clear consensus of action indicated. Further discussion as to what steps should be taken next will resume after the council has had a chance to study the survey outcome.

The team discussed methods of marking cross walks at various locations around town as well as cross walk alternatives and other signage. The team will await the cityís decision on the hospitalís request to vacate VanDreff Street before exploring the topic further.

The team did decide that more signs prohibiting bicycles on the Main Street Bridge are needed. Police Chief KV Felker was asked to make the arrangements. Hill said the Public Safety Team feels other signs the Police Chief feels are needed should not have to wait for council approval.

The team discussed the advisability of a Public Intoxication Ordinance. Chief Felker described some of the difficulties encountered during such instances. Other city police departments will be contacted and copies of ordinances obtained so the team can study the issue further. The chief was asked if more self defense training is needed by officers and he said while that may be desirable the current schedule is full. Felker said the subject could perhaps be addressed later in the year and in the meantime he will gather more training information.

The next meeting of the Public Safety Committee will take place on June 13 at 5:15PM. The Public Works Team will meet earlier that day at 4PM. Both meetings will be held in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room and are open to the public.

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