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Business before the city’s Parks and Recreation Team seem to indicate the Summer season has begun and will be busy.

Team Chairman, Councilman Jim Kluesner, told the Salmon City Council May 16th that the special lift for handicapped swimmers has arrived and will be installed at the city pool. This season’s opening day for the swimming pool is June 4th.

Kluesner said City Recreation Director Judy Barkley is coordinating placement of the new City Park sign as well as financial contributions for the sign from the Golf Course, the Parks and Recreation Department, the swimming pool and the adult Softball Association.

The Salmon Valley Baptist Church is sponsoring a Paint Ball tournament and fun day on August 9th and has made a request to rent the Island Park Pavilion for that day.

Kluesner also said the Baptist Church has asked permission to use the Island Park parking area every Thursday. Church members will use the area as a base for providing free lunches to youngsters and anyone else who would like to partake.

The subject of creating a bicycle Pump Track was re-introduced by interested citizens attending the Parks and Recreation Team meeting. Kluesner said locations suggestions from the team included the area above the Animal Shelter and some property owned by the VFW located near the Hockey Rink. He said possible locations suggested two years ago when the idea was first introduced were at the Sacajawea Center or the Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Association facility but both were thought to be too far from the city.

The team asked City Administrator George Ambrose to research the cost of a replacement boiler for the swimming pool, in case one is needed. The team is also looking into alternatives such as a heat pump, solar system or bio mass system to see which is most cost efficient. Kluesner said there is no present need for a new system; the team is just doing some research for future needs.

Councilman Jim Bockelman provided the team with information on how to establish a Recreation District. The team will study the material presented and discuss it at a later date.

The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team is set to take place at City Park on June 13th at 11AM.

Another subject involving recreation followed Kluesner’s report and that was the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the Whitewater Park Association. City Attorney Fred Snook said he, along with Mayor Leo Marshal and Councilman Jim Baker, met with association representatives and reviewed an agreement document used by the city of Boise. Snook said they basically agreed to wait until City Administrator George Ambrose returned from his vacation before proceeding with the memorandum.

During the first Public Comment opportunity of the evening Chuck Springer introduced himself as a former Environmental Engineer in the Jurisdictional Division of the Army Corps of Engineers Tampa, Florida office. He volunteered to share his wetland project experience with the city whenever needed. Springer cited regulations regarding “any obstruction in a navigable waterway” such as the Salmon River. He said proper permitting is required in order to be legal and said the project must have authorization from the Army Corps of Engineers. He urged the parties involved to make sure a Corps of Engineers permit has been issued for the proposed wave-park before any money is expended on the project.

The Salmon City Council meets twice a month. Its next regular meeting will be June 6th at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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