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The Salmon Garden Club has been tending the Community Memorial Rose Garden in City Park for many years on a strictly volunteer basis and now needs some physical help in carrying on the loving tradition.

The Memorial Rose Garden was founded in 1998 by Gladys Smith in memory of her husband Edgar. It is a place where friends and family can plant a rose bush in memory of a loved one and know that capable hands equipped with the proper green thumbs will keep the tributes alive.

The garden is located between the swimming pool and the tennis courts. Even though surrounded at times by youthful exuberance it is a peaceful space complete with a large shade tree and a park bench on which to sit for awhile. Each planting is staked with a name plate indicating for whom the rose was planted.

Gladys Smith passed away on Memorial Day, May 28. Garden club members have seen to it that there is already a rose bush for Gladys planted in the Memorial Garden.

Salmon Garden Club President Fran Wyland said that though the group is dedicated to maintaining the garden, time is taking a toll on its senior members. The club is looking for a group or service organization that is willing to make a commitment to fulfill the physical labor needs of the garden. Just last week the garden was prepared for this year’s show of blooms by helpers from Salmon River Industries along with a couple of Youth Employment Program volunteers. They assisted garden club members with mulching and border preparation.

Wyland said, “We’re looking for any kind of help, especially physical help that we can get on a steady basis.” She said the weeding and pruning is an on-going job and since this is strictly a volunteer project there is no budget for hired hands.

The Salmon Garden Club is happily willing to be the horticultural consultants as to what the roses require, it’s just the weightier issues that need to be passed on to a younger generation of volunteers.

Wyland expressed how she and the Garden Club Members feel about the Community Memorial Rose Garden. “This is a memorial that is honoring peoples’ loved ones. It’s a very special little spot and we’re just not willing to see it grown over with wild roses or plowed under.”

She said the various volunteer help is greatly appreciated and at the same time there is a need for one single entity to commit to the seasonal upkeep.

Those interested in becoming that entity may contact Sherry Elrod at 756-1712 or Melva Gutzman at 756-1964.

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