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Roundtable Discussion is an opportunity for Salmon City Councilmen to mention topics not on the formal agenda.

During the June 6th City Council Roundtable Councilman Jim Bockelman’s topics included signs and doors. He commented that the sign advising people of the city’s ordinance against riding bicycles or skateboards on city sidewalks, including the sidewalk on the Main Street Bridge, is located at the middle of the bridge and faces uphill. Bockelman suggested there be a sign on each end of the bridge. Councilman Fred Waidely said that subject had been discussed during a Safety Team meeting and the signage placement is being resolved.

Bockelman’s other comment was regarding hard to open doors at the Salmon Valley Innovation and Business Center. His concern was for oldsters and youngsters who may not have the strength to open them. City Administrator George Ambrose said the center’s agreement with the city includes maintenance on doors.

Councilman Fred Waidely extended high praise to the cemetery crew for the beautiful condition of cemetery grounds this past Memorial Day Weekend. He said it was not just well cared for, it was manicured.

Waidely also spoke very highly of the newly opened Veteran’s Administration Center located on Lena Street. The VA Center will be serving the 1200 veterans living in Lemhi County as well as veterans living in Custer County. Waidely pointed out the new center will save vets countless numbers of trips they have had to make to distant VA facilities. He said the center is a great thing for the city of Salmon and encouraged his fellow council members to stop by and see the beautiful facility.

Waidely then told of the Garden Club’s need for some physical help in tending the Community Memorial Rose Garden at City Park. Volunteer workers are keeping the garden growing and the hope is some group will step forward to take on the care and maintenance on a regular basis.

City Attorney Fred Snook updated the status of city discussions with the Whitewater Kayak Wave Park Committee. He said talks will resume now that the city administrator has returned from vacation and that the city was awaiting confirmation of a June 13 meeting date.

Snook then referred to a Recorder Herald letter to the editor that announced a petition drive to have the issue of whether or not there should be a wave park placed on a special election ballot.

Snook explained that initiative type petitions have legal weight when used as a tool to pass a city ordinance/ law. Petitions aimed at the council’s legal powers of authority and discretion do not override that authority. Snook indicated that with or without a petition the council will still ultimately have the authority to decide whether or not a public vote on the Whitewater Kayak Wave Park should be held. The city’s attorney used sewer fees as an example. The council used its powers of discretion based on infrastructure needs and costs which is in keeping with the job council members were elected to do. Snook said it needs to be understood that the petition being initiated will have no legal bearing over the council’s powers of discretion.

Jim Sustaire is the organizer of the petition drive. During a Public Comment opportunity following the Roundtable Discussion Sustaire cited city ordinance 1-10-1 which gives residents the right to put forth any appropriately written petition they feel is necessary and that ordinance 1-10-8 says if the City Council either repeals or enacts an ordinance, such as the subject of his initiative petition, “…an election shall be made.” Sustaire stated, “This is something for you guys to think about because I am not backing down on this petition.”

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be June 20 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center.

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