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Some time ago Steele Memorial Medial Center requested that a portion of VanDreff Street on the north side of the hospital building be vacated. At its May 16th meeting, after hearing a detailed report on the streetís history which verified city ownership, the Salmon City Council voted to deny the Church to Daisy Street vacation request.

City Attorney Fred Snook first recounted the history of an alleyway that was also part of the vacation request. The hospital building currently sits on that portion of alley/easement and the hospital would like the land vacated in order to clean up property lines. Snook said since the city doesnít want the property it could be dealt with as an alley or an easement. He said the city does not have the power to vacate an easement. If the land in question is an alley it would require the vacation process and there is still a difference of opinion as to whether itís an alley or an easement. Concentrating only on the portion of alley the hospital wished the city to vacate Snook said the city could do one of three things. It could do nothing; it could Quit Claim Deed the section of property to the hospital or, declare that portion of property an alley and then vacate it. The council voted to treat the property as an easement and as a separate item of business from the VanDreff Street vacation request.

The council then voted to Quit Claim Deed the easement to the hospital.

Snook said that with the exception of narrow property line protrusions into the street the city owns VanDreff Street by way of a long standing prescriptive use easement. The street has existed for at least 90 years and probably longer than that. Snook quoted State codes regarding cities being empowered to create, open, widen or extend any street that is deemed expedient for the public good.

The council voted to leave the status of VanDreff Street as is. In related discussions council members agreed the city can work with the hospital to resolve some of the wheelchair, patient and staff safety issues expressed during a May 2nd public hearing.

The vote to not vacate VanDreff Street was unanimous. Councilman Jim Bockelman abstained due to one of his family members being employed by the hospital.

The City Council also voted to adopt the proposed and advertised fee increases for city facilities and services. A public hearing about changes in the fees was held earlier in the council meeting. It drew no comments of neutrality, comments in favor or comments against the fee increases.

The Salmon City Council scheduled a special meeting for May 23rd at 5PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room to consider a resolution regarding re-financing a 1990 Water Bond. Estimated Savings from the transaction have been estimated at almost $209,000 and will shorten the bondís pay off schedule by seven years.

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