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The Salmon City Council has added an amendment to City Ordinance 12-783 that will allow approved exceptions to the rule against discharge of firearms within the city limits and establish a process for issuing exemption permits. Reevaluation of the ordinance was occasioned by the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce proposal to include a wax bullet, Wild West fast draw exhibition in this year’s Salmon River Days.

Other sections of that ordinance contain rules on subjects such as the volume of loudspeakers, disorderly conduct and the city’s Open Container Law.

Review of the ordinance served as a reminder of exactly how the laws are written and the revelation that as written, some of the rules haven’t been being followed.

Case in point is the city’s open container law. That portion of the ordinance will be reviewed as it pertains to events such as the annual Blues, Brews and Barbeque and a new event proposed by Helen Bertram at the June 20th meeting of the Salmon City Council.

Bertram’s Brewery wants to host an outdoor “Hot August Nights” celebration August 17th, to honor the Brewery’s centennial brew of Mt. Borah Brown Ale and the introduction of a new seasonal ale, Centennial Blonde.

Bertram asked the council for a street closure on the portion of South Andrews Street from Main Street to the alley behind the brewery for a period of four hours, from 6 to 10PM. That area would then become an outdoor extension of the brewery, featuring food, beverages and live music. Bertram told the council the area would be cordoned off with only one entrance where guests would be carded, pay a cover charge and be given a wrist band to wear. No open containers would be permitted outside the designated area. She said “Beer Police” would be stationed along the blocked street sections and would be present on the street itself.

Bertram said they have spoken with the King’s Store supervisor and no objections are foreseen. The “Hot August Nights” celebration will coincide with this year’s Heritage Days. Bertram mentioned a need to obtain the street closure permission as soon as possible so food plans can proceed and the band can be hired.

Prior to being amended the city’s law against discharge of fire arms contained no room for approved exemptions and neither does the city’s law regarding open containers. It was decided that even though events in the past have sidestepped the rules, as long as the ordinance is written the way it is such events are by law prohibited.

The council consensus was the open container law needs to be amended to permit events such as the one being proposed and to allow a continuation of past events that have proven so beneficial to commerce.

The council will not be holding its first Wednesday meeting next month since that Wednesday happens to be July 4th.

In view of the planning time-frame needed for the Hot August Nights event, the council voted to hold a special meeting on Wednesday, June 29th at 6PM to act on an amendment to Ordinance 12-783 section 5-2-8, the city’s open container law.
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