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Salmon City Councilman Fred Waidely is chairman of the cityís Public Works Team. At the June 20th meeting of the City Council Waidely reported topics of discussion during to teamís latest meeting.

One of the guests at the meeting was city resident Kay Miller who talked about a cost of $3,336 she is being asked to pay for a connection to the cityís water system. Waidely said Miller told the team she canít afford to pay that much for a water connection to a vacant lot. She said the purpose of the connection was so the lot could be watered as a fire protection for her property as well as for neighboring properties. She indicated she can pay for everything except the installation fee of $1,082.

Waidely said Public Works Superintendent Mickey Verbeck explained the installation charge covers the cost of asphalt and copper pipe. The matter was left on hold as all parties involved decide what to do next.

Mark Troy was also present at the meeting with questions about water and sewer hook-up options for his commercial property. Waidely said City Administrator George Ambrose will be advising Troy as to possible courses of action.

The Public Works Team and Steele Memorial Hospital Chief Information Officer Abner King discussed VanDreff Street improvement requests the hospital has made.

Waidely said the cityís Public Works Department has already identified some drainage problems on that street and has made plans to correct them. Street resurfacing will be included with the drainage repair project. Extra signage being requested by the hospital is subject to council approval and related costs will be covered by the hospital.

Waidely said Verbeck and City Administrator George Ambrose will be checking on an unwanted winter-time skating rink at the Salmon Business and Innovation Center. Wayne Talmadge told the team that water dripping off the facilityís roof forms an ice flow in the back patio area. Ambrose will also check the cityís lease agreement with the center concerning those types of repairs.

Waidely told the council the city administrator brought the team up to date on bids received for equipment at the Waste Water Plant. Information on the bids and the scoring analysis of the bids were placed on the June 20 council meeting agenda.

Waidely reported that a low water pressure complaint from the upper bar area has been investigated. Pressures were found to be within standards and it is thought the low pressure could be the result of plumbing problems within the reporting residence.

All city team meetings are open to the public. The next Public Works Team meeting will be on July, 11 at 4PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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