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On June 13th, the Sacajawea Center Team heard concerns that the posted speed limit on State Highway 28 along entrances to the Sacajawea Center is too fast for safety. Several members commented that a speed limit of 35 miles per hour would be more appropriate given the number of vehicles entering and exiting the center grounds.

The City Council discussed the issue further during its June 20th meeting in terms of what procedure is required when approaching the state concerning its posted speed limits. A past request to lower the speed limit in that same area was not approved by the state.

It was determined that even though the center property has been annexed into the city since that first request there is a section of county land also involved therefore a joint city/county request to the state would be required. Speed and traffic counts at the site would have to be documented as part of that request.

Councilman Jim Bockelman pointed out that when headed out of town, the speed limit increases at the east end of Orrís Campground which is just before the entrances to the center. He feels that stretch of highway should be marked as a no passing zone and the speed limit should be lowered to 45 miles per hour past the center. It was suggested that the county may have the most recent traffic counts in its newly developed Transportation Plan.

The matter was forwarded to the cityís Public Safety Team for more research.

In a Sacajawea Center Team written report from Chairman Jesse Bender she said that Center Director Judy Barkley provided an update on recent events, rental, activities and staffing additions. Barkley also said she would like to obtain an infrared device that would count the number of people using the facility trails.

Kelsey Hansen and Lauren Munzel were introduced as new interns who will be working at the center for the summer season.

Barkley rated the recent Agai-Dika Days event as successful even though the communityís participation was limited.

She reported that Mike Crosby has returned to the center for another season of informative lectures on this areaís history. He will also be sharing area history with guests of Rawhide Outfitters on several of their river tours.

Benderís report said the team discussed the Fiscal Year 2013 budget for the center as it was presented to the council by Barkley. A subcommittee will be meeting to examine the updated budget proposal.

The Sacajawea Center Team reviewed a proposal from Bob Russell for creating a governing board featuring more direct partner involvement in center management. His intention is to help alleviate the day-to-day burden on the city by assigning more responsibility to the centerís partners. Team member Waidely thought such a plan could provide more stability and continuity to the center.

It was remarked that some partners are reluctant to put money into the center because of continual, city directed decreases in the centerís budget. It was decided that due to many changes over the years there is a great need to update the centerís ten year old Strategic Plan and Mission.

Discussions on the update and Russellís proposal will be continued at the teamís July 11 meeting. The Sacajawea Center Team will be meeting at 11:30AM in the Learning Center and the meeting is open to the public.

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