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An official public hearing on the city’s proposed fiscal year 2012-2013 budget was conducted during the July 18th meeting of the Salmon City Council.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko outlined the $3,532,432 budget. That figure breaks down to a General Fund total of $1,332,989, a Cemetery Fund total of $62,189, the Streets and Alleys fund at $306,104, the Water fund has $834,500, the Sewer fund $890,650 and the Local Option Tax fund shows $106,000.

For the first time in two years there will be an increase in city taxes. Fealko said the city is implementing the allowable three percent increase on property taxes as authorized by the state and she reminded the council that last year the taxes actually went down around $20,000 due to the city fire department’s consolidation with the Lemhi County Fire Protection District. Mayor Leo Marshall added that city employees have not received any increase in pay for two years.

There were no public comments either in favor, in opposition or neutral to the proposed budget and there were no written comments. The hearing was then closed and the council meeting proceeded.

Councilman Ken Hill reported on a July 11th meeting of the city’s Public Safety Team.

The topic of discussion was speed limits on State Highway 28 adjacent to the Sacajawea Center. The speed monitoring equipment is in place and will be monitoring traffic for the next two weeks. Hill said preliminary figures are quite interesting.

Hill said Police Chief KV Felker has purchased stencils that will be used to decorate Main Street sidewalks with painted “no wheeled conveyances allowed” laws. Conveyances include bicycles, and skateboards.

The city’s Sacajawea Center Team is also pursuing the highway speed limit issue and is passing it on to the Public Safety Team. Team Chairman, Councilman Jesse Bender, said the proposed Fiscal year 2013 budget and staffing levels for the center were discussed. She said during the discussion it was decided the team needs to be better informed on how the city budget process works.

Bender said a draft management plan developed by Team Member Bob Russell is aimed at facilitating better functionality at the center and will be presented to the Sacajawea Center Partners Subcommittee for review before being brought before the council.

Center Director Judy Barkley told the team the center’s video computer system is not running smoothly and has caused the center to lose some facility revenues. She also mentioned repairs are needed on the railing around the Learning Center’s deck.

Parks and Recreation Team Chairman, Councilman Jim Kluesner, reported that due to the absence of city employees involved in issues that were to be discussed the discussion was moved to the team’s next meeting’s agenda.

The Public Safety Team will be meeting on August 8th at 5:15 PM; the Sacajawea Center Team will meet August 8th at 11:30 AM and the Parks and Recreation Team will be meeting August 8th at 1PM.

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