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Salmon City Attorney Fred Snook used the Roundtable Discussion portion of the City Council’s July 18 meeting to compliment both the city and the 9th and Roosevelt property owners. That particular site has been in dire need of clean up for many years and the area has been cleared at last.

Snook said the city made a wise decision in extending the property restoration timeframe when its new owners indicated sincere clean-up intentions along with their schedule of when that could take place. He said the work has been done and it is a major accomplishment.

City Councilman Jesse Bender reminded council members of the Salmon Valley Stewardship (SVS) Watershed Walk that is scheduled for Thursday July 26. People interested in the walk and talking about the city’s Jesse Creek watershed will meet at the Public Lands Center at 8 AM. She said shuttle vehicles will be taking people to the top of the watershed so it is important to let the SVS know of planned attendance ahead of time to make sure enough transportation is on hand.

Pending a further check on insurance coverage a special event permit was unanimously passed by the council for the Bertram’s Brewery “Hot August Nights” outdoor celebration planned for August 18. It will be held in a cordoned off area beside the brewery on South Andrews Street. The council requested a double check on the amount of Bertram’s insurance coverage for the event.

For the eighth year in a row the council granted overnight camping permission on Island Park to the organizers of the Blues, Brews and Barbeque gathering. The popular annual event is set for Saturday, August 4. Facilities for the big day are set up the previous evening and the crew then stays with the equipment and tents to avoid any problems. Staying over also helps get an early start on the cooking Saturday morning.

Richard Staten of Sun Energy described the energy efficiency and long range savings the city would experience by installing solar panels for heating the city’s swimming pool. He said year-round use of the facility would be another advantage of heating the pool with solar energy. City Administrator George Ambrose told him that since recreation is the first area where municipalities cut back in weak economic times he couldn’t imagine a $100,000 investment in such a system for this city. He invited Staten to meet with him and provide cost estimates he could then forward to the Finance Team.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will take place August 1st at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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