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Subjects brought to the Salmon City Council’s Roundtable Discussion August 1st ranged from sidewalks to paving needs to hiking.

Councilman Jesse Bender reported that she joined the July 26th Jesse Creek hike sponsored by Salmon Valley Stewardship. The purpose of the hike was to see firsthand the conditions and challenges faced by the Lemhi County Forest Restoration Collaborative Group as it assesses options for reducing excess fuel loads in the city’s water shed.

Bender said the walk was led primarily by Forest Service representatives and that it provided many of the participants with a first awareness of the area’s potential for a wildfire disaster.

Bender said the group’s next step will be to look at objectives and priorities and implementation of chosen strategies. She said she has suggested to the Forest Restoration Group that it make a presentation to the City Council for the purpose of outlining the watershed status, explaining what may be needed from the city and hearing the city’s objectives, needs and primary concerns.

The Lemhi County Forest Restoration Collaborative is comprised of personnel from various local state and federal agencies, local government officials, citizens from valley-wide economic interests as well as environmental organization representatives. Its next meeting will take place the morning of August 15th. Another Jesse Creek hike is being planned for September, this one more strenuous than the last, and that particulars will be announced when details are finalized. Bender said she intends to remain involved with the collaborative group.

Councilman Ken Hill said the writing is on the sidewalks, and the message seems to be working. Signage stating wheeled conveyances rules against riding bicycles and skateboards on Main Street sidewalks have been painted directly onto the walkways. He said in his hours of monitoring he didn’t see one infraction of the rule. Hill suggested the sidewalk painted signs should be extended to the junction of highways 93 and 28 since the ordinance includes sidewalks to that point.

Councilman Jim Bockelman thanked City Finance Director Amy Fealko for her all her extra help during the absence of City Clerk Mary Bender. In addition, he commented on the overgrown weeds around the north entrance ‘Welcome to Salmon’ sign and also said he has noticed cracks and chips in the center seam of the newly resurfaced Main Street Bridge. Mayor Leo Marshall said state highway people are due in Salmon soon.

Some local citizens asked Councilman Jim Baker if it would be possible for the city to build a handicapped accessible ramp for the Island Park public building near where the original swimming pool was located. He suggested the matter be researched by the Parks and Recreation Team.

Councilman Jim Kluesner relayed citizen comments regarding the deteriorated surface conditions of an alleyway that runs behind Main Street buildings between Andrews and Center streets. The subject was referred to the city’s Public Works Team.

The Public Works Team is scheduled to meet on August 8th at 4PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room. The Parks and Recreation Team will meet earlier that day at 1PM in City Park.
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