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FINANCE TEAM REPORT 8-15-12 8-22-12

The Salmon City Council passed the third reading of Ordinance 12-786 at its August 15 meeting. The action officially puts in place next fiscal yearís budget totaling $3,532,432. The fiscal year begins October 1.

Finance Team Chairman, City Councilman Jim Bockelman, briefed the Salmon City Councilís second meeting of the month on topics discussed during the teamís August 7 meeting.

He said Wayne Talmadge described the Salmon Valley Innovation Centerís fire sprinkler system which is checked annually. He said the National Fire Protection Agency requires tests on the dry sprinkler heads once every ten years. The cost of the testing service will not exceed $1,750 and Talmadge asked how the city wants to proceed.

A written agreement exists between the city and building lessee, Lemhi County Economic Development Association (LCEDA), pertaining to use of the city owned building.

City Administrator George Ambrose was in attendance at the Finance Team meeting and he stated that according to the lease the city is responsible for fire extinguishers, grounds maintenance and snow removal. He went on to say the lessee/tenant accepted the building in an Ďas-is Ďcondition and the responsibility to have the sprinkler system tested is LCEDAís. Ambrose will make copies of the lease agreement available for Finance Team members to review and the topic will be on the teamís next meeting agenda.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko reported the financial year is 75 percent complete and on target. General Fund revenues are at 72.1 percent of projections and expenditures are at 73.5 percent. She said the full report is on the cityís web site which can be found at

Fealko is in the process of researching an alternative process for credit card payments with the goal of reducing costs to the city and to those paying for city services by way of credit card. She will report her findings when the research has been completed.

Bockelman said Ambrose updated the team on the three recently approved roofing projects. The re-roofing of the Police Station will begin immediately, the roof on the Swimming Pool building will begin at the end of the summer season and City Hallís new roof will be installed in September.

Ambrose said drawings for the Fulton Street sidewalk project are being reviewed. He said if the drawings are complete the bidding process may begin. The waste water project drawings are 98 percent complete and the bidding process on that project will probably be in December with actual construction beginning when weather permits in early 2013.

Bockelman said the Finance Team discussed the need for a budget workshop, requested by the Sacajawea Center Team so members and center partners can better understand the city budget process. Fealko is formulating a workshop plan she will present when it is completed.

Fealko informed the Finance Team that city funds are being expended on legal fees, staff time and other city resources related to the petition initiative regarding the Whitewater Kayak Wave Park. Bockelman said the Finance Team agreed the initiative and referendum code needs to be reviewed by the council and that the petition as well as the agreement between the city and the Whitewater Park Association must move forward to a decision by the council.

Bockelman brought up the possible need for an upgrade to the audio/visual system at the Sacajawea Center and where the funding might be found.

Fealko presented the Finance Team with an overview of Internet phones and the savings that can be realized. She said the county is currently looking into a system that could include the city along with many other users. Consolidation of city and county services such as the phone system is being approached with the idea of saving taxpayer dollars.

All city Team meetings are open to the public. The Finance Team will next meet on September 11 at 11AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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