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The cityís Sacajawea Team met on September 5 with limited attendance due to some of the memberís job obligations related to the forest fires.

City Councilman Fred Waidely updated the council on the team meeting that had taken place earlier that day. He said Sacajawea Center Director Judy Barkley reported on the facilityís summer of activities. This season Kim Black joined the centerís staff as Educational Director and Amy Ellis became the Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor.

Barkley told the team the center received a great deal of help from volunteers and contract staff members. Colorado native-born Lauren Wenzel and Salmon High School Valedictorian Kelsey Hanson were the Aquatic Resources Educational Interns at the center. Their work was funded through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Barkley reported the interns designed and implemented two water camps. The camps included speakers from various organizations and included Dan Garcia, Jody Brostrom and Beth Waterbury along with Jerry Myers from Trout Unlimited.

A total of 12 participants from ages nine through 12 took part in the Outdoor Adventure Camp.

Twenty-two youngsters signed up for the Kidís Garden. They did all the planting, weeding and harvesting. The young gardeners were then allowed to take the produce home. There were daily lessons, crafts and snacks.

The Nature Hour program brought younger children to the center and had from six to 25 participants aged five and under. The classes offered readings, songs, poems and nature crafts which all helped to familiarize parents and children with the Sacajawea Center.

Barkley said the Tough Stuff for Girls program drew up to 18 participants. The program is designed to empower pre-teen girls with self reliance. The girls had lessons in edible foods and swimming, along with a Ropes Course, crafts and a trip to Lemhi Pass.

Other events at the center included the Salmon Outdoor School and Heritage Days which featured nature art for kids, eight vendors and 1805 Primitive Living experiences.

Barkley reported that the facility was booked on most weekends throughout the summer as are all weekends in September and December.

Waidely said the status of the centerís audio visual equipment was discussed by the Sacajawea Team. Barkley told members that Scott Benton has been working with the equipment and thinks a new lap top computer would help resolve some of the problems. As it is now, the system is not user friendly and does not operate the same way each time itís used.

The centerís haying contract was discussed and apparently needs to be on a multi-year basis in order to make it worthwhile for the contractor to do the end of season work required to prepare for the next yearís crop. The team recommended the contract needs to be for at least three years.

The Sacajawea Teamís next meeting will be held in the facilityís Learning Center on October 10th at 11:30 AM.

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