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Councilman Jim Bockelman is chairman of the city’s Finance Team and at the September 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council he gave a rundown of topics discussed during the last team meeting.

He said City Finance Director Amy Fealko presented the team with a review of preliminary August figures which show the city’s General Fund is looking good as well as budget numbers in all city departments. Bockelman said it was determined that both the Sacajawea Center and the swimming pool were also showing good numbers.

Fealko told the team that a new financial computer program is being installed and implemented. She said before a new payment system is tackled she wants to make sure all is well with the new system upgrades. She will keep the team updated.

Bockelman said Fealko wanted to know exactly what was needed in terms of a requested Sacajawea Center Team Budget Review workshop. She was told the center’s partners and staff members want to clearly understand exactly how the center budget process works. Fealko will now proceed with a workshop plan.

Bockelman said that just for purposes of information he asked Fealko to provide statistics on what the city has spent on legal fees related to the proposed Kayak Park. He said her research shows a total of just over $2,000.

City Administrator George Ambrose reported on the three roofing projects underway on city buildings. At the time of the Finance Team’s September 11 meeting, the City Hall re-roofing project was underway, the Police Station roof was almost finished and the swimming pool building re-roofing was scheduled to begin when the High School concluded its classes later this month. Ambrose also reported the Fulton Street sidewalk project has been put on hold until next Spring to ensure the best opportunity for the competitive bidding process. He added the bidding process on waste water treatment plant upgrades will probably take place during December with construction to begin when the weather warms in 2013.

As to fire protection equipment costs at the Salmon Valley Business and Innovation Center discussed at the Finance Team’s last meeting Bockelman said the lease agreement between the city and center has been reviewed. The conclusion reached is that the costs are a maintenance issue and the Finance Team recommendation is it is not the city’s responsibility to contribute to the building’s maintenance costs.

Bockelman said the team also recommended that a council discussion be scheduled to determine proper procedures regarding cost overruns and change orders on projects that have been awarded on a bid basis. The topic had been scheduled for discussion later that evening.

The next meeting of the Finance Team will take place October 9 at 11AM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room at 11AM. The public is welcome to attend.

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